Series of Circles

I wasn't going to share any photos of myself from my shower because frankly I feel like a look like a WHALE in them. But then I thought, thats a little vain, OK so I may look like a series of circles and my hair had got waaay to long/out of control (my mum has now cut it for me) but I'm sure I will look back and miss these times so hey!
That being said I did greyscale them because everyone looks a little better in black and white right? 
I spent most of yesterday folding and sorting baby clothes and I am finally on top of it! We now need to put up a few shelves in the spare room for toys etc and we will almost be finished. I keep thinking its OK as we have at least four weeks, but recently lots of people I know are having early babies! We still have a fair bit of DIY to be done (including ripping out the kitchen) but its all good. 
I have also finally unwrapped my pregnancy yoga DVD and spent a good hour or so going through my exercises, at 36 weeks its a bit tiring to be fair but I think its important to keep up for as long as I can even if I just do a few moves a day. Which reminds me I need to go swimming at least once this week as it is free at the moment after all!
Phew all that talk of exercising is making me tired, I'm off to draw up some thank you cards for my baby shower gifts 


RJ* said...

Whale? Where? Where? I only see some twinkling eyes full of happiness!

pixiepolly said...

definately not a whale :) you look lovely

Bianca said...

Oh and there I was admiring your long hair! And your top is very pretty too, you look gorgeous and happy! :)

Haha, yeah I too am a big fan of the trusty ol' Black & White shots. They always turn out well without fail! Not that you needed it though!

Good luck with getting all the final bits in place for when the baby arrives. You seem to be ahead of schedule, so I hope you have a chance to put your feet up! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww thanks ladies :)
And thanks Bianca, I cant wait to share pics of him in the lovely clothes you made! xo

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