Wilf's first Christmas

I think its safe to say that Wilf was pretty unaware of Christmas this year, being only a week & a half weeks old and all that. I think its safe to say I was also pretty unaware of it too, hours seem to blur into days and now weeks and its just all back to basics in regards to priorities. That being said it was lovely to have our first Christmas as a family. Tom's family came over in the morning for canapés and present opening.  Tom dressed up as an Elf and we dressed Wilf as a reindeer (because I am going to be that mum) unbeknown to us Tom's brother in law and nephew had also dressed up which was pretty funny and cute to get the cousins pictured together in their outfits. I put the second picture in for comedy value, (disaster was averted) although the boys are only ten months apart in age the gap is rather significant at the moment, although will seem like nothing a year or so down the line. 
After the in-laws had left Tom looked after Wilf whilst I grabbed a few hours sleep and made a lovely Christmas meal, it was actually one of the best I've ever had (we had Quorn Turkey which we call roast beast in my family and has kinda stuck). I find myself excited for Christmas next year when Wilf will be one! xoxo


Kye Sangha said...

This is totally unrelated, but you have really great arms! So toned looking, I'm jealous!
Christmas gets really great at about 3...you lucky lady: good times are ahead!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

haha thank you! I haven't used them in 9 months so they are aching a little picking up this little piglet! x

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