My Little Buddhist Monk

My little Buddhist Monk 
I finally figured out how to use one of the slings we have! Its a Kari Me and after YouTubing some tutorials we got it. Wilf has been very windy/colicy so having him upright means he can try and work through some of the gas which certainly helps by the evening. Its awful when he cries with wind as it sounds like genuine pain rather than his normal cry, although lots of people have told me its probably more distressing for us to hear than him then any distress he is actually in (not sure he would agree). We did try 'Infacol' to see if it could help the build up of the bubbles but he just sicks it straight back up. I always feel a bit 'iffy' giving him things like that anyway so we gave up pretty quickly. After a great deal of research and asking mama friends I think it may just be one of those things he has to work through, although we are keeping him upright and massaging him it seems like it may taper off by three months or so. I have been thinking about baby massage classes though, any of you tried that?
Its great having the sling so I can have my hands back to make a cup of tea/load the washing machine but as soon as I sit down he yells at me! I suppose its good exercise to be walking around though as before I was just stuck sitting down as he likes to be on me most of the time!
Whilst looking for tutorials I found this great video, I was singing it to Wilf most of yesterday (along with 'the lion sleeps tonight' he loves that one..or maybe just wants me to look like a mental lady) 


abigailemily said...

Yey glad you finally got to grips with a sling! There is a breastfeeding hold that you can do, but I never tried it, but if it worked would be really useful!

When I did my postnatal classes at Hampton house they offered some of us (the ones who were left after the 6 weeks of classes) a free four week baby massage course run by the council. It was great! I still massage theo now, as I always have to put cream on his skin. But I would definitely recommend it!

Hopefully his colic will get better, and maybe feeding him on a slant will help too. Xxx

abigailemily said...

Oh and that video is amazing! Hagaha

Jess said...

you both look very cute in these pics ;)

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