Thank You

Whenever I have doubted myself in the past few weeks I have received so much support, from family, friends and the online community. No one has given me as much support however as Tom and I think this is probably a good time to say what an amazing job he is doing. I think dad's get a rough deal sometimes as the main focus is on the mama but I literally would have fallen apart without Tom's help. He is there at 4.30am when Wilf will not sleep and I am at my wits end, for a couple of days last week he made me go sleep in the spare room for a few hours in the night so I could get my sanity back. 

Whilst its not about the material things the other day he braved the sales and surprised me with new boots and breast feeding friendly dresses. I haven't needed to enter the kitchen in weeks and there is always a cup of tea (yes! I can drink it again!) when I need it most. 
I have to admit I have had dark moments where I think I'm doing the worst job ever. I have certainly had my baby blues moments and he is always there telling me what a great job I am doing, making me laugh again, picking me up (not literally I am still 11stone).

I dont say it enough (although I think it often) but I don't know what I would do without his support. Whats more he is the most natural and fantastic dad already and is pretty much the rock of our little family. 
Love you Thomas Quinn xxx


Unknown said...

dads often get overlooked dont' they?? I couldn't have made it through the early weeks with each of mine with my Mr.... he'd let me grab some sleep each night so i didn't go completly crazy!!

you're a lucky girl to have his help :)

Fran said...

Oh this post made me feel all emotional! What a lovely man you've got yourself there! He sounds very lovely and supportive.

Wilf is absolutely adorable by the way!!! I look forward to seeing lots more pictures of him as he grows.

abigailemily said...

aww I'm all weepy!

you know when you posted about missing your life just the two of you, and i said that having a baby and seeing them already being an amazing dad would make you love them ten times over...well yeh, this is what i meant!

go tom!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks ladies, @polly glad you have such a lovely Mr too! @Fran dont worry I will post 100's of pics haha @Abi your so right! xx

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