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This weekend we tried to tackle the house a little more, we have been working on the kitchen since before Wilf was born. Having lived in this house for a year and a half now it has taken some time but time and money meant we have had to wait a while to be in the position to work on it. The bulk of the work was done a couple of weeks before Wilf arrived but we still have a bit to do. So whilst Wilf happily played with his mobiles in the living room Tom was able to spray paint and attach the rest of the cabinets. My camera is still broken so as soon as its fixed and the final touches are done I can show you the finish product. It is so nice to see how the house is coming together! 
Wilf was even playing so happily by himself that I was able to rearrange our bookshelf, I find things like this very therapeutic! It really makes me happy to see all this colour in the morning when I emerge downstairs! (the below pics were taken on my phone)

On Sunday I got a call from my NCT teacher to ask if I would happy to attend the Bristol Homebirth group to tell my birth story that evening. Whilst I was pregnant with Wilf I attended the class once (I only found out about it late in my pregnancy so could only fit in one class as they are once a month) but found the birth story very moving and inspiring. Because of this I wanted to share my own story in the hope of maybe evoking the same emotions. 
I'm not the most confident person (in fact I would consider myself fairly shy) and public speaking is very much not my thing so it was kind of a big deal for me.
I have to confess to having a sneaky glass of red for dutch courage before setting out that evening but it was lovely to be greeted by my old teacher and to see all the excited expecting parents. 
I told Wilf's birth story, perhaps not very concisely and almost certainly forgetting lots I'm sure but it went very well I think. I had lots of questions from the couples both in front of the group and afterwards and I hope it has gone some way to making them feel a little more relaxed and more excited about their upcoming births! I almost feel a little jealous that they are due such an amazing experience and already very nostalgic about Wilf's birth..it was certainly the most amazing thing I've ever done.


Helen said...

You have a copy of Little Plum - I loved that book when I was younger! I hardly ever see Rumer Godden's books anymore, but she's one of my favourite authors.
Also, on a different topic, I saw you, Tom and Wilf last Thursday! I was walking into Stapleton Road station just as you were leaving. I would have said hi but was worried about looking like a bit of a stalker, so I just smiled and thought how nice it was to see in real life someone whose words I read.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Haha thats funny! You should have said hi! :) xx

The Dress Tree said...

Aw I'm glad to hear it went well chick.
I'd love to have a home birth, but can't unfortunately. So I just listen to other people's experiences instead! I've got to admit though, even though I'm having a hospital birth, it's been the home birth stories that have put me at ease. If you watch too much OBEM you can start to wonder if it's even possible to give birth without drugs or intervention these days.

Hearing about women doing it themselves at home is just so empowering and encouraging. As scary as last night must have been, I'm sure you've helped a woman or two take a step closer to being in the right frame of mind for their birth. You've certainly helped me!

Not too shabby for a night's work lady, well done. :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Kim! Not long for you now, I'm so excited about the amazing journey your about to go on! Your also right about OBEM I do love that program but there is so much intervention it does make me wonder! x

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