above picture last one taken before the fall
So you know that thing where I said my camera was broken? WELL despite checking it twice before taking it into the camera shop as soon as I got there and the assistant tried it out..it worked. I'm sure I came across as a frazzled sleep deprived mamma, and I guess that would be true! Anyway when I got it home and turned it on to try it out I couldn't help but laugh at the last pictures on it. I had set the camera to constant shooting so these are the ones it took as it fell over!

I was itching to take pictures as soon as I got in so snapped a couple of Mr Wiffles, I know I'm bias but he's pretty cute hur? ;) 

anyways I'm very relieved to have it working again as I am due to visit my family back in West Wales next week and would be a shame to not be able to take any proper pictures. Its my mums birthday whilst I'm over there so will be lovely to have Wilf there to celebrate, I think my parents are pretty in love with him. They have another grandchild making an appearance in July (my elder brother and SIL's) which is going to be so lovely as there will only be six months between Wilf and his soon to be cousin! OH and then I get back right in time for my first mothers day which I am SO excited about! My best friends baby is due tomorrow so I hope she turns up before the 18th so she can celebrate too, or on the day, wouldn't that be a lovely present! 

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