Kicking the bar

Baby and I are back from our trip to the seaside (otherwise know as my home town of Aberystwyth). We set off on our journey at 9am on Tuesday morning, at our local station I sat next to another new mama, her baby two weeks younger than Wilf and being carried in a sling. She was on her first journey home too (to Swansea) and we chatted about the various merits of pushchairs or slings, I said she probably had the best idea but she said she couldn't carry as much because of it. We both got off at the next station (ten minutes away) and wished each other luck on the rest of our respective journeys. So far so good I thought, this is easy we can do this! We had a twenty minute wait at this station so I was able to go grab my self a large latte and find the waiting room. About five minutes before our train was due I thought I would collapse the push chair in preparation to putting it on the train. A stupid idea I quickly realised as there would be no way I could carry both onto the train. I started putting it back together again only to place the seat the wrong way round and leave Wilf hanging almost upside down as I panicked trying to remove and replace it before the blood went to his head. Of course the buttons would then not work so a helpful office worker came along and helped me with it. 
Pushchair put back together again we left the waiting room to walk to our platform, the voice over announced the train arriving was full or standing. I walked up to a train worker and asked him what that meant 'the train is full' he replied 'oh well thats ok as I have reserved seats' I said and waited for the train to approach. When it did and the doors opened the corridor was packed in men in tweed, they helped me with the pushchair which we just managed to squeeze in and the train started moving. 'I have reserved seats' I told the people in the corridor 'I just need to get to the carriage'. Well turns out no one had paid attention to the reserved seats signs and so the carriage and gangway was totally full, there was no way I could even get there to kick the people out of our seats. I suddenly realised how hot it was squeezed into the corridor with all these people (about 20!) and then of course so did Wilf.
Wilf started screaming two minutes into our journey, sweat was dripping down his face and I managed to strip him off of the clothes I could get to (I couldn't unbuckle him to take him out as my elbows were stuck to my waist. I realised everyone was off to the silly horse races (hence the tweed) which also meant they were all drinking..I asked if they could maybe let me in the toilet with Wilf but it turns out someone was being sick in there.
Cue an entire hour of hell, Wilf crying screaming (well you would wouldn't you if you were stuck in a boiling hot cupboard size space with twenty men in tweed and one over dressed lady giving me sympathetic looks). I was terrified at how hot he was getting and how distressed he was. Not fun, not fun at all.
After the train approached Cheltenham everyone got off and we were able to sit in our seats for half an hour (time to collapse the pushchair, feed Wilf and put it back together again). And we arrived in Birmingham. The train from Birmingham to Aberystwyth went smoothly, three hours of Wilf sleeping or feeding and being fairly chilled. I arrived in a much more chilled out state and we then had four days of fun with my family. Eating out for lunch and playing with Wilf in the evenings. My youngest brother and sister came home from school everyday and entertained him whilst I could bath/have a glass of wine/chat. My dad managed to meet us for lunch on two of the days and spent lots of time with him in the evenings whilst my mum, Wilf and I spent lots of time in the day walking around the sea front or looking in the charity shops. It was a really lovely and relaxing time, I love seeing how much my family love him, it makes me so proud. 
Thankfully our journey back went fine (a small panic at our Birmingham change where we had ten mins to run to the platform via lifts) and we were home to daddy. I'm pretty sure he missed us a fair bit.
First picture of our bedroom at my parents
Rest of Aberystwyth seafront 
Fourth and Fifth picture me and Wilf kicking the bar


Jess said...

awww lovely pics,

urgh @ drunks and no seat on the train though, I hope you are going to write and complain and get a refund, its not on.

I bet your family will miss Wilf like mad now, Im always sad after Freya goes home and it brings it back how difficult it is even to jump in the shower when you got a lil baby in the house I know how lucky I am to have her so much cos of her mum and dad running the pub, i can feel myself going into grandparent mode now and it wasn't so long back Al and I considered having another lol and it will be a good few years yet ( ideally lol)

The Dress Tree said...

Oh god of course, I'd forgotten about the bloody races. We had to go to the antenatal ward about my backache and the midwife I saw was really narky.

Turned out that I was interrupting her watching the damned race. Dan was not impressed and gave her a look that quickly got her to at least pretend to be nice!

Speaking of, I had to show him the photos of you kicking the bar and oh my god, Wilf! SO CUTE!!

Your little guy makes me impatient to meet my little Piposa. :)

Kim xxx

Unknown said...

Aber looks lovely, I probably should visit one day as my grandads from there!

Hope wilf enjoyed his first visit! x

Kim Jenkins (@SketchbookArt) said...

Oh god I feel your pain! I remember a similar train journey like this when Jack was about the same age as Wilf, luckily though Will was there to help me. Why we decided to go somewhere whilst there was a rugby game on in Cardiff I don't remember but it was horrible! Drunk people just don't seem to care if you have a screaming child and no way to comfort them. We ended up standing in the doorway to the carriage one of us holding Jack and the other holding the pushchair and bags =/! Glad to hear that your journey back was alot better though!

I also live in Gloucester at the minute so avoided public transport during the races... mainly to avoid that kind of situation again.

I have never been to Aber (even though I am welsh #shame) but it looks lovely!

Fran said...

Gorgeous pictures! That sounds really horrible and stressful - I think most people hate getting on a packed train like that but with a baby in tow it must have been very stressful! Well done for getting through it! And glad you had such a lovely time in your home town!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much for all your comments! And for feeling my pain! I will certainly be writing for a refund for that part of my trip! xx

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