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In the midst of all our park day photos I forgot to share these - like papa like baba

Tom supports Leicester City Football Club as that is where he was born and where his father is from. So that will be Wilf's family team (hence the matching outfits). However I think his local-ish team should be Forest Green Rovers a completely eco friendly and sustainable football team from Stoud. In fact with their organic and local food served to both players and fans at the the stadium (they took red meat off the menu last autumn and are moving towards first being completely vegetarian and then vegan football team) I would even go watch football!  

These shots were taken around our local area, we took a short stroll out on Sunday so I could get my daily latte from the Thali and we could enjoy some more of the Spring sunshine. Tom took Wilf in the sling although i think we didn't get the front position quite right as he was quite a bit lower down when we got home? I keep wanting to use the sling more often but my back really hurts after a short while. I don't think it is the slings I am using as i've tried a few, I guess I really need to get my back checked out. I had quite a bad back towards the end of pregnancy and I think my posture and the way I pick Wilf up isn't helping much. Must look after myself a bit better as a broken mama doesnt help anyone!
Wilf is still teething off and on (last night we only got about two hours straight sleep at a time which felt like newborn days) Wilf has been sleeping on my tummy as the only way to settle him. I dont mind too much really as I was starting to miss it the cuddles :)
My friend recommended the following:
'Try 1 drop of chamomile or lavender essential oil (helps relieve pain, temps, calming and anti-inflamatory) in 15ml base oil - try to avoild almond incase of nut allergy (do a patch test on the inside of his arm first and wait 24 hrs to check no reaction) you can use it for massaging his body, also rolling toes and fingers between a finger and thumb and squeezing the tips (a sinus point) if he is blocked up and snuffly with the teething....also gently draining from either side of nose down under cheek bones with fingertips can help drain sinus and unblock) rub the gums through the skin with a fingertip in little circles, and massage the hinge of the jaw in a circular motion to help relieve tension from biting down all the time....put 4 fingers under chin and thumb under bottom lip, draw thumb and fingers towards each other to meet at tip of chin and help jaw release - If you don't want to use essential oil to massage can put couple drops in bowl of steaming water (out of his reach obviously!) and leave in his room for half hour'
I bought some chamomile today so will give it a go and let you know how I get on. I really believe in the benefits of essential oils, the ones I used during labour (lavender and clary sage) really centred and calmed me so its worth a try!
Have any of you guys tried methods like massage and essential oils for things like teething? I'd love to hear about your experiences! 


Janet said...

Wearing baby forward facing out is not a great position for either of you, it might be why you find your back hurts if that is how you have been wearing him? Try facing in instead and see if there's any improvement. It's more ergonomic for both of you so it might help?

Anonymous said...

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