Mamas day

As I write this I am looking at pictures of my close friends new born baby girl. Born six minutes into mothers day and just perfect. I have to admit to having a little cry as I held my three month old and showed him pictures of his new friend to be whilst he dribbled down my arm (teething).
Wilfy was kind enough to gift me a beautiful little owl badge whilst his papa made me a delicious mexican type egg dish for breakfast in bed.
A blogger friend of mine was recently criticised as a mama for the things she says on her blog. Whilst her experience of pregnancy and birth differed from mine I have always appreciated her honestly. Often we can look at lifestyle blogs and think that life must be perfect for them, they mustn't ever argue with their partners get exasperated at their baby or resent their lack of sleep and the dark circles under their eyes.
I have always tried to keep this blog very real and true to me, that has included divulging very personal to me expericenes such as miscarriage and problems in breastfeeding etc. So here I am getting real again.
My mothers day we argued. Since returning home from Wales Tom and I have bickered and snapped at each other. This resulted in a big heart to heart on Sunday in which we both admitted our wrongs and are resolving to make a conscious effort to make things a little smoother. No one said having a baby was easy and we are trying to work out the changes in our relationship. It's all too easy to let yourself get cross, to blame and to snap. It's harder to stop and think about the situation 'is this issue worth getting upset about?' 'will I still feel this way this evening/in an hour?' I am vowing to think more positively about situations and remember the bigger picture before letting negative thoughts get to me. What matters the most is the love we have for each other and our little family.
Being a mother is the most overwhelming and intense feeling I have ever had. I am still learning every day. I feel like I have grown so much these past three months, I have never worried/cried/loved and laughed so much or so hard.
Thank you Wilfryd Cadno for teaching me so much about myself. Thank you Tom for being so supportive and such a fantastic father.

SO on this mothers day post I guess its fitting to say I've decided to add myself to the 'top baby blogs' list. If you enjoy reading my words then it would mean a great deal to me if you could vote for me! thanks so much xoxo
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p.s thank you Ellen and Ruth for helping Tom tidy the house for my return! 


Jess said...

voted :)

I love your blog precisely because its so honest, everyone argues, gets tired ,snappy, irrational and pissed off now and then no matter how strong a relationship,thats life "smug mama' blogs wouldn't do it for me lol and there are some corkers out there as Im sure you know,always good for a chuckle though.

and urgh at the criticism of your friend,There is far too much judgemental rubbish thrown around about choices. when your kids are older it all seems so silly, why would anyone be so concerned about others parenting ( aside from real abuse) is beyond me. Ive not time for it. Thats another reason I like it here lol you are firm in your choices but are never disrespectful of different ones.

Kim said...

I don't think there will be a person reading this who won't be able to relate to it on some level.

Dan and I bicker often, our house is rarely clean (let alone tidy) and I often feel like the least stylish, most uncool person on the planet.

But it's posts like these that don't make me feel bad about it. That make me realise that we're all, when it comes down to it, just trying to make the most of what we have and will occasionally have crappy days no matter what we do.

I think I've said it before chick and I'll say it again, you're amazeballs. Don't ever forget it.

I'm so sorry to read about your m/c by the way. I had no idea. Dan and I have been down the same road and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. You are a true inspiration my girl.
Yes. You. Are.

Kim out.

P.S. Consider yourself voted for! xx

Charlotte said...

We argued too. I left that bit out on my post though and felt bad for doing so. I'm glad you sorted out your differences. I've never felt such a strain on our relationship since having Lil but it isn't her fault, neither is it Wilf's. Just another life struggle we have to smile through, all part of being a grown up. Right?

Lots of love to you all. He looks like such a happy little man and can't wait to meet him xoxo

Cathy said...

I voted for your blog too.

Noel and I argue a lot more now we've got Cherry. It's inevitable. We both love, adore and support one another - but our lives, having always been so similar, are now radically different.

I don't really like 'mummy blogs' but I like you - so I read your blog!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Lil thanks so much, I agree re criticism of other mothers. I think people get cross when they see someone doing something differently and that turns into criticism out of fear. Which is sad but some people are just like that. Thanks so much for saying nice things about me :) I love reading your comments on here

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Kim Thanks for sharing that you and Dan bicker too. I'm so sorry you had a m/c too, like you said I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm so excited for you little Pip to be born! xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@charlotte I hope you dont mind I mentioned your experience on my blog. I didn't want to link you as I wasn't sure you would appreciate me doing so. I do very much respect your honestly on your blog. And thanks for all your support x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Cathy haha thanks! I really appreciate you saying that and thanks for voting for me :) xx

zehra said...

Voted! Always thankful for the beauty, truth and happiness that radiates from your words and images Xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@zerah thanks so much xx

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