Short Sleeves and Warm Skin

Short sleeves and warm skin
losing coins calling next of kin
Dropping words about the city were in
Ponds compressed by heavy air
Us without a care just sprawling there
Gods in our world
JJ72 - Oxygen

What I Wore
Dress - H&M
Cardigan - River Island
TIghts - Charity Shop
Boots - El Naturalista

Tom and I suddenly remembered about the band JJ72 and spent some time singing the three songs we knew to Wilf. He thought it pretty amusing. I guess the thing about JJ72 is that they came about at the wrong time really, too late for the Placebo crowd and too early for MCR. Their youtube videos are too cute, they look so young. The last time I listened to this song it was 2000 I was 14 and full of angst and awkwardness, I'm so glad I'm not that age again!
Wilf and I are off to the seaside tomorrow. I will have to navigate the trains and connections by myself so I'm relying on the kindness of strangers to help me with the pushchair. Hopefully it will all go well, as Wilf is only 12 weeks old he is pretty portable at the moment. As long as he's fairly happy I'm sure we will be fine. Did any of you travel long distance with a baby of this age? What was your experience?
This will be the first time we will be away from Tom since Wilf was born so I'm sure it will feel really odd for him, and us.
I'm looking forward to spending some time with my family and show Wilf the sea and the sand. Hopefully the spring sunshine will keep up. Tea and cake in local cafes and chips on the seafront! xoxo


Polly Davies said...

I hope your train journey goes well!! I'm sure a few days by the sea will be nice {and of course seeing family!}

I'm yearning for some sea air - can't wait to go!

Bianca said...

Oh my gosh, JJ72! I remember seeing them at Reading Festival over a decade ago... they were too cute indeed!

You look so pretty in these pics, my favourite is the 5th one down! x

Lil said...

awww you will be fine its supposed to be nice over the next week too!! I found people are very kind and helpful when they see a small baby ;) my niece is off to the USA with her mum and dad next month, although she has travelled to france in the car already i know they are pretty nervous about the plane !!! nutters :0

take loads of pics!!!

Sarah said...

You both will be fine. I took Stan up to London at about that age and it was easy. He was happy as long as he was fed and the train journey rocks and soothes them. Most people - i find other mothers ;) - will help you on and off. But you know what if no one does. ASK. You're a mummy now, and that is what you have to do!
You'll love it. It's nice sometimes juts the two of you - you feel like a special little team, and your man will realise how much he misses you both....even more than he thought! ;)

Coffee and Cat Hair said...

JJ72!! My god I loved that band. Their debut album brings me back to the year I met Dan and moved to London.

Enjoy Aber and don't forget to give that bar a kick for me if you head out that way. :)

Kim xxx

Louise Ritchie said...

Hey Fritha, If you have a spare minute give me a text it would be super lovely to see you and meet Wilf.

Lou x

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