Wilfryd at Three Months

Wilf turned three months old (on Wednesday) whilst I was at my parents. To celebrate he showed me his new rolling over skills! Baby is also dribbling like mad because Mr Wiffles..is teething. Yep you heard me right, gnawing everything in sight, dribbling and spitting. He's pretty ok with it at the moment just a little grumbly, we got him some 'Nelson's Natural Teething granules' which he seems to enjoy. We have also got him an Amber teething necklace, Tom jokes that I am desperate to put Wilf in jewellery! 
What would you guys recommend for teething? Has there been anything you would swear by? xoxo


Josie said...

I like his expression in that last pic - he's definitely sure about something!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Josie he is a boy of many expressions thats for sure! x

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