The boyfriend cardigan

A few hours of every Sunday in our home is set aside for working on the house. Whether it be finally framing prints we have collected and hanging them or completing the tree painting on Wilfryds one day room. This Tuesday was our Sunday as Tom was still off work and family had gone home. We finally ticked off the 'sort through our clothes and make a charity shop collection'. Its easy to cling on to pieces of clothes 'just incase I might wear it again' but honestly there were things that we hadn't worn since university (thats 5 years for me eeek!). 
However when Tom admitted he hadn't worn a few pullovers and cardigans for a while I decided to add them to my wardrobe. 
When we were first going out and I used to stay over at Toms house I used to borrow his clothes (cardigans/hoodies/T-shirts) so wearing this cardi today reminded me of those times. Before we bought the house, before Wilf came along, it seems so long ago when in reality its only just over three years. 
Whilst there are parts of those days I miss, like say going to see live music together, drinking and dancing,lie ins and being a bit reckless, I can definitely say I am far more happier with our life how it is now. 
On the subject of Wilf's 'one day room' its a bit of a running joke at the moment that its the 'shrine room'. Whilst I was pregnant we started to decorate it like a nursery. We put up shelves to hold toys and painted the walls. We hung up pictures and bunting and set up the change table..
However we have no intention of Wilf sleeping in there for at least a year! We always intended to co-sleep and its a situation that really suits us. As much as Wilf wakes in the night, he is really only awake long enough to nurse and fall back asleep again, meaning that even though he rarely sleeps longer than 3 hours in a row I often feel like i've had a full nights sleep. I realise its not a situation that suits everyone, and in fact some babies really like their own space but Wilf is happiest snuggled up with us and I know when he is older I will appreciate I had these days to cuddle up with him. This morning I woke up to him  cooing at me, I pulled him over between Tom and I and for ten minutes or so before Tom's alarm went off we just cuddled and laughed together. My little family, so perfect. 


hello DODO said...

Lovely pics as always :D
And..um..magical skirt!!

Jess said...

well its still his room, even if he doesn't sleep in it, :) this will make you laugh, my daughter had this beautifully decorated nursery we even had to have an extension built in the attic - she never slept in it once apart from daytime naps ;)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@hello DODO thank you!! I got off ebay ages ago x
@Lil haha seems like thats the way then! x

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