My attempt at cupcakes

My elder brother and sister in law are coming to visit for the weekend. My brother Keir has been working in Nepal so hasn't met Wilf yet and I am so excited for them to arrive this evening.
I sometimes think Wilf looks like my brother Keir as a baby..

see what I mean? Also whilst looking for these pictures I found this one, too cute!
Keir and Joc are expecting in July so I get a niece to indulge my obsession with baby girl clothes, can not wait!
We have been spring cleaning and so in an attempt to be homely I decided to try and bake my first cupcakes..

I have started wheeling Wilf into the kitchen in his pushchair whilst I cook, he loves just watching me pottering around

Okay so I took the cups out of the oven just as Tom arrived home from doing the food shop..I had to yell 'Hey, would you still love me if I cant bake?' Tom replied 'I'm not sure, I thought the deal was you were going to become a 1950's housewife?'. Hmmm I dont know how this happened..but

this is what happened to my cakes! Did I put too much mixture in? Was it the fan oven? I have no idea, but I guess it was only a first attempt. I quickly decided to try and mask their unusual shapes with icing and flower sprinkles!

I tried one, they still taste good even if they are a little deformed ;)
In other news I transferred ALL my pictures onto a external hard drive to clear my laptop..and now the hard drive isn't working! Eeep! So thats all the pictures I have taken of Wilf up until about a week ago, I almost broke down in tears. Tom assures me someone will be able to retrieve them, do you have any suggestions for good companies? Would be much appreciated! xoxo


Mike said...

You have a special talent there, I've never seen cupcakes do that before! Re the hard drive, I'd get tom to ask around at work... Pretty sure someone there will either be able to do it or recommend someone who can.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@mike thanks so much! And I have no idea how i managed that with the cupcakes either :s

Bianca said...

Those cakes look tasty!! How much cake batter did you put into each case? They should be filled up to two thirds, but no more, as they need room to rise (or they spill over). My only other thought is that maybe the mixture was too runny, so they didn't set quickly enough and that may have caused the batter to spill over the tops when they rose? They still look scrumptious though and I love those sprinkles!

Re- the hardrive, that is soo crappy, sorry to hear that! I'm sure the data can be retrieved from the hard drive. Hope you can find someone to do it for you. I'm so worried about something like this happening, so I have all my photos stored on my laptop, plus I back everything up regularly onto an external hard drive, PLUS I also have a secondry backup hard drive which I back up maybe once a year (cos I'm mental). The great thing about having a blog is that you also have some of your photos of Wilf online, another way to 'back them up' in a sense. X

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