The Pre-Pregnancy Dress

You know those days when you don't have time to have a shower, or even wash your hair over the bath so you settle on washing your fringe in the sink? Yep that (OK you could say instead of taking pictures of myself I could of been using my time to wash properly but yah).
This is a pre-pregnancy dress & why I love dresses so much. There is NO WAY I could fit my pre-pregnancy trousers over my thighs but dresses hide a lot (even if it is bursting a little around my chest area - sigh) 
Cardigan - Fever London
Dress - Next (from a charity shop)
Belt - Primark
Wearing this dress makes me think of my Granny and her amazing 50's wardrobe pictured below. The second picture down is my granny at 26 when she just had my mum, my mum then had me at 26 & I had Wilf at 26! I must take Wilf to see her soon


Rhianne said...

wow, its a gorgeous dress, you look stunning :)

Mylittleacorns said...

seriously, you gran looks like Audrey Hepburn. so lovely! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

thanks ladies! and yes she does a bit! :) xx

Hyland said...

thanks ladies! and yes she does a bit! :) xx

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