Vegan Chocolate cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake

OK this one isn't from the Royal Recipes box but it pretty much the only cake I know how to make. When I was teenager I was BIG into animal rights, I still am but now my stance is pretty much I feel passionate about certain things but it is not my place to try and convince any one else to (unless they are genuinely interested). I rarely tell people I am a vegetarian unless it comes up (like if we go for food together) it still puzzles me why people take issue with this and I wrote about it here, but there you go. 

But where was I? When I was about 14 I became vegan for a couple of years (I still agree with the reasons to be a vegan and as a vegetarian I often feel like a bit of hypocrite as there is a LOT I disagree with about the diary industry). I held a bake sale around this time and made this Vegan chocolate cake, I decided not to label it as Vegan and sold it all within about half an hour with people even coming back for more. When they did I told them it was Vegan and every single person was surprised and admitted that if I had labeled it as such it would have put them off. True story 

So here is the famous recipe: 

(plus one teaspoon of salt)

3/4 of a cup of vegetable oil - essential 

put in oven for 40 mins - 190c 

and ta-da!
If you want to make icing too (and who doesn't) then you need...

and you have yourself a chocolate cake! 

And there you go! You don't have to a vegan to enjoy this cake, I prefer it to a traditional chocolate cake in that it is more dense like a brownie consistency.

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The Dress Tree said...

Oh my god it's not..it IS! It's the cake of awesome isn't it?

I'm so bookmarking this post so that I can have a go at some point. I have a feeling my attempt won't look quite as yummy, but I'll give it my best shot. ;)

Kim xx

Unknown said...

That cake looks delicious! Will have to give it a go. One thing I would recommend is using vanilla extract rather than flavouring as the flavour carries through a lot better when baked. x

Unknown said...

will be trying that one out soon! looks delicious

ps. i have 5 types of cheese right now ;) we love cheese!!!

p.p.s i want that pan :D

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@kim its super easy! I am a rubbish baker! xx
@Ivana good shout, will try that next time xx

TheBoyandMe said...

Oh my word, that is seriously amazing! I'd never believe that a cake could rise without eggs, is it the vinegar that does the binding then? (I'm slightly egg-phobic and constantly gag when making cakes, so a different method would be welcome!)

Nipping over from Recipe Of The Week.

MultiLayerMummy said...

looks great, amazing how you sold at the bake sale without labelling vegan, funny aren't we :)

Inside The Wendy House said...

My daughter is a vegan and I've been looking for vegan cake recipes so thank you for sharing! I've bookmarked it! (Here from Recipe of the Week Linky :)

Emily said...

Gracious this is JUST what I need. I'm hurry to update my supermarket delivery right now so that I can make this. :) Thanks for linking up to #recipeoftheweek. Loving the photography as usual. Pinned and Stumbled :D Do pop over and join in again! x

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