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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Royal Recipes

I recently got an email asking for advice on our diet and what we cook & eat as a family. Whilst I am in no means a nutritionist (or very good cook for that matter) I am a life long vegetarian and I think this puts me in good stead for having a slightly healthier outlook on the way we eat. (Tom by default has a pretty much vegetarian diet although he does occasionally eat meat out of the house..by that I mean if we go out for dinner and not that I make him stand outside to eat a sausage roll).
I mentioned before that I always wanted to be the kind of mum that could bake cakes that my child/ren could reminisce about. Something I always remember about visiting my Granny as a child were her amazing cakes. My Granny unfortunately now has Alzheimer's disease and so is no longer making cakes, I have slowly been passed on some of my Granny's possessions and these recipe cases are some of them. 

So many recipes too choose from! 

 My little helper

So I decided to try the Apple and Ginger loaf..um without the apple. Basically I forgot to get the apples from the shop and I really didn't fancy heading out in the rain again. I thought the other fruit would still make it taste nice so I went ahead and baked it anyway. If you want to try to as well I thought I would post the recipe 
Yep I'm that pretentious that I wrote that my flour was organic on the hand written label..thats kinda embarrassing 

Grate the Ginger and put all dry ingredients together and set aside. 
 and my reflection in the bowl, ha!
Put all the sugar and butter in a bowl and mix together
Then add the eggs and mix together the dry ingredients 

put in a loaf tin and pop in the oven! (the recipe called for 1.20mins at 160c...but when I looked in after 40mins is was cooked..(and starting to get burnt)..not sure why, perhaps as it is a fan oven? Who knows..
The recipe advised that it should be left and eaten the next day..but I couldn't wait that long so spread on some butter whilst it was still hot! I can confirm though that it does taste a lot better the next day, and honey is a good addition! Tom says he prefers these kind of cakes to the 'showy cupcakes' and it is nice to have with a cup of tea mid morning, ok for a first attempt I guess!
As I had the camera in the kitchen I thought I would take pictures of our dinner too! I love this burger mix as sometimes with meat substitutes it can feel like your eating a lot of food just straight from the freezer. This one tastes really good and feels like you are actually making something from scratch. 

Add a pickle some salad and fried potatoes!  



Natasha ♥ said...

This is such a lovely post Fritha, I'm sorry about your Granny but I think it's wonderful that you're baking all the loveliness that she used to bake :) I love her retro recipe tin <3 it looks awesome next to your vintage dresser (I'm so in love with it!) I think it's amazing all that you do being a mummy and still have time to bake yummy homemade treats (with a kind helpin hand from Wilf of course!) The bit about the sausage roll made me laugh :) hehe! I must tell my sister about the burger mix, it looks super yummy & she and I totally get what you mean about veggie things sometimes being like everything comes out the freezer. I will try it too I've been eating more vegetarian lately & it feels so much better! :) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I think she will love it! its a great range you can get falafal mix and lots more that I haven't tried yet. Thanks for you lovely comment xx

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