Some more photos of our weekend

A few pictures from our weekend. I am usually the photographer so it was nice for someone else to take some snap shots of daily life. These pictures where taken by my brother mostly when we weren't noticing. I think my brother was pretty taken with Wilf, he is going to be a good papa when his little girl arrives in the summer. 

Second lot of pictures taken by me.
Tom is back in work tomorrow unfortunately as it had been nice to have him around the house and to give me some lie ins! Wilf is still not sleeping vey well although I think at almost four months he might be going through some big psychological developments which will be effecting day and night sleeping patterns. 
It is also a comfort to remember that most babies naturally do not sleep through the night. I am re-reading Sarah Buckley's 'gentle birth, gentle mothering' which explains that babies have needs during the night just as they do during the day. They need reassurance to feel secure and go through phases where they sleep for longer periods of time only to begin waking at night during different developmental stages. Read her article on 'Getting a good nights sleep' here
oh also as a side note I have been featured on this website which was a nice surprise!


Rhianne said...

I'm quite taken with Wilf and I've never met him, he's adorable, lovely photos.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Aww thanks Rhianne :) x

Jess said...

aww lovely pics, i love his hat. All kids are different as well when it comes to sleep, my husband couldn't understand when we all moved in together why my kids didnt go to bed at 7 and sleep through till 8 the following morning like his, my daughter just never seemed to need a lot of sleep even as a baby, unlike my jammy brother and my niece who seems to actually like going to bed. typical. :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil very true, all babies are different! as much as I would like a bit more sleep, when you are woken at 6am with a smily chatty baby its hard to feel cross! xx

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks Rhianne :) x

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