What Wilf Wore 06

No Wilf isn't dressed like a member of Mumford and Sons to celebrate Marcus Mumford's wedding this weekend..he is in fact dressed like that to attend my cousins wedding.
We all got up bright and early on Saturday to catch the 8.45 bus to Clevedon, it was Wilf's first bus journey and he seemed to like it. We arrived at the church in plenty of time and was able to show Wilf off to my various aunty's and uncles and speak to my cousin before the service (who was looking remarkably calm!). We sat at the back in case of screams but Wilf was quiet throughout, enjoying the songs (All Things Bright and Beautiful - Classic and Morning Has Broken) and only gurgling slightly when the vows were being taken. 

We were invited to the reception but thought we would quit while the going was good in terms of how well Wilf would take it. We also don't drive and although my uncle (the father of the Groom) offered to drive us to the venue and back to Bristol in a few hours we didn't want to put anyone out, especially as they would want to celebrate. 

Instead to walked back to the centre of Clevedon and explore some of the charity shops whilst we waited for our bus. Clevedon has amazing charity shops (as lots of small towns seem to) and I picked up a game that was a childhood favourite of mine and a cute skirt. We saw a vintage Fisher Price garage in one of them but it was a little battered so we left it, it seems like the kind of place you could find gems like that though so I look forward to going back one day for a proper trawl. As we were heading towards our bus we also found a really nice looking cafe that served lots of vegetarian food (and the best looking waffles!) so we have already decided a trip is due in the summer so we can take Wilf to see the sea too!

'Downfall' one of my favourite children's games (Tom and I have played it four times since we bought it) we also found 'Hungry Hippos' but Tom said there was a one game limit..how mean is that??

When we got back (and had a quick game of 'Downfall') Tom's sister came round to watch crap TV with us and eat pizza and drink wine which was a lovely end to the day (I stopped at two glasses). It is really starting to feel like everything is falling into place with family life and balancing being parents and also being adults and having a bit of normality back too. Tom's family live locally and are kind enough to offer to babysit Wilf but I'm still not quite ready to make that leap. And whilst he is so little and portable I don't really see much need, if we eat out he is happy to sit on my lap and watch the other customers and most places are baby friendly these days. I also feel that while I'm not craving anytime apart from him there is no need to push it. I'm sure there will be a time (soon maybe) where I will feel like I want a bit of time to myself or with Tom but whilst I'm not feeling that way I can only envision enforcing it for the 'sake of it' to both be of little point and also not being very nice experience if I am not feeling that way inclined.

I've been reading a few books to do with parenting, one being Attachment Parenting by Dr Sears and the other Three in a Bed by Deborah Jackson (I tend to read a couple of books at a time!). Although I tend to agree with a lot of 'attachment parenting' theories I am not reading it as a guide more to back up a lot of the things I do instinctively. Its interesting to hear the science and benefits behind such things but I thats not to say I agree completely with everything they say. Both books speak about using a dummy in a negative light, Dr Sears notes that it can affect breastfeeding meaning your child will want to stop breastfeeding sooner than usual. Deborah Jackson I find so far describes it as a aid to plug up your child. I don't agree with the later, we give Wilf a dummy when he is over tired and on the verge of sleep or when he is suffering with teething and not to plug him up. When he is upset I pick him up/sing to/feed him or try to distract him with a book or toys. To suggest parents that use dummies are effectively being lazy parents irks me a little. The former statement that babies who use dummies breastfeed for shorter amounts of time may well be true and that is a worry to me, I would like to breastfeed Wilf until he wants to stop but I would be sad if that was because he wanted a dummy instead. That being said I do find both books an interesting read, especially 'Three in a bed' which has extracts from various parenting books/manuals over the past 100 years or so, its sometimes a little terrifying the advise some of them gave!
I leave you with some pictures of our cats, Rockie and Wilfy were trying to be matchy matchy..Rockie LOVED I can assure you..

And Maddie stealing our Mini Chedders 


Jess said...

Ive only been away a week and Wilf looks as if hes grown so much!! super cute photos.

I never really left R much in the first year I think I went to a wedding when she was about four months and she stayed with my Mum and I didnt really enjoy at all lol. I think ( trying to remember far back!) once she got to about one I felt far more that I needed a bit of time off,she loved spending time with her both sets of grandparents and once the two kids were here I grabbed every sitting offer with both hands ha ha, though I think every time I went out I could of cheerfully crawled under a table and slept ;)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil that is good to know! makes me feel less weird! And yes he is growing like CRAZY! x

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