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I wrote a post on Friday when I was real tired, like eyes burning head pounding tired. Wilf had had a few nights of rubbish sleep and it was making me emotional. I started doubting myself and the 'go with the flow' approach we have. I wanted support from friends (which I got) but at the same time got lots of 'helpful advise' that frankly sounded a leeetle like child abuse and I was upset about it I guess. 
When I read it back on Saturday after a better nights sleep I decided not to post it, its the first time I've done that with a blog post. Its not that what I wrote was particularly shocking but when I thought it through those people who offered their advise were only saying what they thought was good mothering for them, and who am I to care or judge?? Parenting styles are a emotive subject and I'm sure we are all doing our best, I'm also sure there are people who don't agree with the way we are doing things.
So far since Wilf has been in the world we have been going by instinct for example when he got tireder earlier I started taking him to bed earlier, he set his new bedtime and showed us and I followed. As a tiny baby he pretty much went up when we did and we have never had a bedtime routine..in fact I thought I hated the word 'routine' but I can see now that its not that clear. We knew that he loved baths and would have one with me maybe twice a week or so but recently (the past four days) we have set up a sort of 'routine'. It is basically bath with me around 8ish, then some baby massage, sometimes a book then I nurse him to sleep. 
With routines of course it takes a while to see an effect but I think this is one that I am comfortable with, its fairly relaxed and I think enjoyable. When I was little a bath always meant bed time was round the corner and it was a nice comforting thing so I guess this is kind of the route we are going down. 
1, A new vintage jug set I got for £6 in total (including 6 cups!)
2, Our picture wall in the living room
3, Mo Mo (or Wilf's new best pal)
4, Dr Seuss's ABC
5, One of our throws from my mum
6, Our new giant cushion from IKEA
7, My £5 hawl from a nearly new sale


abigailemily said...

Ooo love that cushion! It's on my wish list !

Polly Davies said...

love that cushion!!

and we never have been much of routine people, we went with the girls natural pattern... but when they were around wilf's age we did the bath/feed/bed thing... worked great, and added a little rythem to the end of the day :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@polly thats good to know, i feel better about this routine. Its nice and gentle and not too strict! x

Lil said...

I kinda like the winding down aspect of bath/story/bedtime when they are little, i used to love it when they were all snuggled up with pink cheeks from the bath after being out in the day, miss that a lot


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