Boiling Wells

The other day my SIL invited me to an outdoor play group at a place near us called 'Boiling Wells'. I'm not usually one for playgroups, I think maybe if I hadn't met my friends from my NCT with babies the same age as Wilf it would be different but I've not felt the need to go to any yet. I'm also sure that will change as our babies get older and need more entrainment and distraction but for now I'm enjoying Wilf being non mobile and happy to just sit lie down next to his baby friends. 

Wilf's cousin is ten months older than him so the gap between a 5 month old and a 15 month old is still pretty big, however I'm sure it will gradually close and this time next year they may even be able to play together. 

I can imagine that this time next year when he is walking and playing properly with other children an outdoor play group like this will be just what I need!There was maypole dancing and each child could make their own pizza for a £1. 

After the playgroup I went back to my SIL's for lunch and Wilf sat in a high chair for the first time! He thought it was pretty fantastic, although all that was for his lunch was the Hungry Caterpillar. Our highchair should be delivered in the next two days which is good news as Wilf has now tried avocado,mango, pear and banana and I am really looking forward to giving him fingers foods to play with whilst we all eat together. His favourite so far actually seems to be avocado, we met Tom for lunch today and I brought some for him to eat in a meshed feeder thing a little like this one which seems to work quite well when we were out and about. He was able to feed himself and polished off about quarter of a avocado which I was surprised at! 

I've also been reading the River Cottage Baby and Toddler cook book and am excited to try making some of the meals in the future. I like the idea of us eating the same or similar foods at the same time. 

Also with Wilf's sleeping situation, he has firmly decided his bedtime is 7pm now. We usually make and have dinner by 6.30 (or there abouts) and try and bath him and give him a massage by 7.30 (before he gets super tired). Then I feed him to sleep and lie next to him for half an hour or so until he has properly drifted off. I still haven't mastered leaving him alone upstairs, although we have a monitor he stirs a fair bit in the hour or so after he has drifted off and its easy to get him back to sleep before he has really awoken. I feel like if I went downstairs straight away I would just be back up and down repeatedly and he might wake up fully which would mean it would be hard to get him to drift back off. Also by about 9.30ish he wakes up naturally for another feed. 

Tom is on holiday from next week though so I think we are going to use that time to try and master the putting him to bed and going downstairs to have some 'us' time when we both have time to do it properly. In all honestly its simpler for me to stay in bed with him once he's gone up, as it ensures we both get more sleep (although I am usually on my laptop writing posts like this until 10ish anyway). But  Wilf has grown up a lot in the past month and it feels like the natural progression to start doing this now. I guess in a way like many people do when they move their babies into their own rooms at six months, although we are not planning on doing that yet it feels like time now to focus a little more on couple time as well as baby time. Does that even make sense? 
Sleep is such a huge thing for parents isn't it, I have a feeling I will be writing lots more posts involving sleep patterns and arrangements! 


Eatlovemerry said...

Baby baby you are always so cute, you make me smile non stop <3

Jess said...

makes total sense to me anyway, I never managed to achieve leaving Rach on her own to fall fully asleep and I'm afraid it created issues eventually ( especially when I was pregnant again and having to go up and down and sit with her for hours every night till she was flat out ) Dave was easier he'd grizzle a bit and complain half heartedly for ten mins or so then drop off, rachel just screamed if she discovered she was alone !!! I enjoy reminding her of this now she's 17 and very much likes sleeping ;)

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