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It feels like ages since I last posted! Mainly this has been because we have been super busy this week. It was raining all weekend so it felt a little cabin-feverish. Sunday morning Tom got up with Wilf around 6.30am to leave me a few hours of a lie in (so thankful) and then presented me with tea and toast in bed. We have a bit of a routine during the week where Wilf wakes around 6.30 we play and chat in bed then Tom gets up for work at 7am and brings me tea whilst me and Wilf slowly get ready and come down breakfast just as Tom is leaving the house. Those cups of tea in bed in the morning are part of what makes 6.30am great, its a bit like 'oh god its 6.30..but theres a smiley baby.and there will be tea shortly so everything's ok'.
On Sunday I got bear shaped toast as I am a mama bear (which is a nice progression from 'milk maid' I feel) 
There was a papa bear toast too but not a baby bear as Wilf is still not old enough for food. 
We did intend on doing lots of house stuff on Sunday due to the weather but I actually think those extra hours tired me out more than usual, which is annoying. I tend to go to sleep with Wilf at 9pm then browse the net/catch up on blogs before falling to sleep at 10pm..Wilf wakes pretty much every two hours or so to nurse them falls asleep so apart from lifting him over to my alternate side to feed I barely wake. Its a rhythm that works well with us and I generally feel refreshed in the morning. 
I think having another two hours on top of that on a weekend just throws my body out of sync and makes me feel groggy so although I appreciate the gesture I might just get up as normal from now on. Instead we had a lazy day (I didn't even get out of my jarmers!) although Tom took Wilf for some walks so he got some fresh air. Its nice on the weekend that Tom and Wilf have some time together, whilst I'm still exclusively breastfeeding it means that they cant really have that for more than a couple of hours. I know I could express but honestly its not a task I enjoy at all and whilst there is not actually need to I'd just rather not. It will be interesting when Wilf starts trying foods in a couple of months time. Its not an area I have a great amount of knowledge in but chatting to friends like Abi who have really thrived on baby led weaning makes me want to try and go down that road if possible. We will see how we go!
Mondays are our baby massage classes (I know right, middle class aspirations on a working class income) but Wilf really loves them. It's a very small class of four and in fact on Monday one of the mumma and baby's were ill. Another baby was fast asleep and had been a little poorly during the week so instead of waking him the mum lay down on the yoga mat with a blanket over her and slept the entire lesson too! So it was a very exclusive class of two this week. This is our third lesson and the class has a lovely space and feel about it. We have a little yoga at the start, then some baby massage then tea and cake. We are able to chat through our week and some of our thoughts about the way we are raising our babies. It was a great comfort for our teacher to say that it is impossible to spoil a child under the age of one. This is my thinking too and although I don't really feel any doubt about that its nice to hear other people back that up. 
After yoga I met up with my friend Dona who is one of my oldest friends (we have now been friends for eleven years!) and we went for lunch and to a shop on Gloucester road called Born to finally buy my Ergo! I've wanted one for ages and trying Abi's and seeing how comfy and supportive they are really sealed the deal for me. The other push for getting one now was that the lady who lent us our trusty Kari Me needs it back so it made sense all round to buy one. 
After this exciting purchase we headed into the centre so that I could have a manicure. I realise this makes my life sound horrendously privileged but firstly this was the first manicure I have ever had and secondly it was a gift (no way could I justify £30 for someone to paint my nails and rub my hands a little) it was nice though. I wasn't sure how it would work with having Wilf there and needing to pick him up etc so Dona kindly pushed him around for fifteen minutes..and I spent that 15 baby free minutes chatting to the nail technician about how great he is, ha!
Tuesday morning was spent at a meeting discussing an illustration project which I am very excited about. We set out for the first time in the Ergo which was great (although I need to work ratio for how many layers we each need next time..we were roasting!). And we got glared and 'tsked' at for the first time as Wilf cried at the train station for all of 5 minutes..frankly that situation needs a blog post of its own...
Wednesday we met up with the lovely Abi to discuss another exciting venture..I cant wait to share it with you! And then on for lunch with some of my NCT friends and their babies..Wilf likes having a good chat with his pals. We also attended a talk called 'Poorly Poppets' which ran through what to do when your baby is choking/has a fever/bangs his head. I thought we would be shown baby CRP which is kind of the main reason for wanting to go. They decided not to go into that though with the reasoning it would scare mothers..which I kind of get but also think it would be useful skill to know. Basically in summery of the whole talk..Calpol is your best friend and don't feed your baby whole grapes or cherry tomatoes..
Well that was my past few days in summery! All these pictures were taken with my Iphone using the App Intagram (apart from the one of W and his friend) I'm @tigerlillyquinn if you want to follow along.
I leave you with a picture of extreme peepo

 (lots of fun to be had hiding it a washing basket)
And morning Wilfryd! (I love waking up next to this boy) xoxo

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Jess said...

awww gorgeous boy!!!! he's changing all the time.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

tell me about it! :)

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