Conscious Parenting Summit

SO before you click on the link below I would like to state..I am not totally into everything this website promotes..I also thought the people in the video were a spoof until about half way through, I don't mean to be rude and they look like a lovely family.
The conscious parenting summit starts on the 22nd May 2012 and is a free online event featuring interviews with the worlds most foremost 'conscious parenting' experts. Some of the topics on there are of interest to me, as are the speakers. I think Sarah Buckley MD is a brilliant writer and really enjoyed reading her 'gentle birth, gentle mothering' which looked into the benefits of things such as co-sleeping and breastfeeding. There are a few talks on homebirth,waterbirth,vaccinations and nutrition that look interesting but I may leave some of them..each to their own of course.
The summit features one interview daily from the 22nd for 16 days. You can click through to the website here and find out how to log on to tune in..and watch that video without a little giggle I dare you!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment on my blog, it's lovely to meet you! Hope you're having a wonderful day ♥

Jess said...

they do indeed look lovely people, I kept expecting them to burst into song for some reason.

Im right up there with a lot of stuff they advocate, some things not so much ( any mention of vaccines and autism makes me go RRRRRAAAAAAAAR David never had his MMR till he was five and had been diagnosed, that non vaxing sure didn't work out for me lol )

little Orion Berry looked largely unimpressed with the whole thing :)

Kristin said...

I totally would have thought it was a spoof too, except I'm such a nerd I actually recognize them. ! I don't know them personally, but know of them from my raw food days and yes they are pretty hard to take seriously :) Anyway, I will tune in to the summit! Thank you for posting it!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Kristin, I just read that about them, she used to be morbidly obese before hand? Well done to her! But they are a little cliche! haha :)x
@lil That comment made me almost spit out my tea, they DO look like they are about to burst into song!
You are clearly a very strong lady and mother btw x

Natasha said...

:D :D :D

She actually allowed that man with **THAT** hair to have sex with her and impregnate her?!?!

How could she see past the hair?

I'm sorry...I'm sorry.

I'm sure they're really lovely but they CAN'T be REAL, can they?! Do people like this actually exist?!

You've successfully blown my mind with your link. I think it's both the scariest and most surreal thing I've ever seen.

I apologise. But REALLY?!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@natasha this comment made me laugh a lot! x

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