Our weekend in pictures 14/5/2012

Finally! the Sun!

One of our friends was celebrating their birthday this weekend with a BBQ. Considering it has rained for about a month now we were very lucky to get the first proper day of sun! 
Wilf had a great time charming the guests and meeting his little 8 week old friend properly for the first time. We also discovered that she is pretty much the same weight as Wilf was when he was born which reminded me just how big he is, in fact one of Tom's friends guessed he was one..(!)

I think because he is so big people forget that he has only just (yesterday) turned five months. I often get people asking me if he is eating yet or sitting up..or sleeping though the night (hahaha will that ever happen I wonder??) We want to hold off until six months until we give Wilf food to try and then it will only be fruit and veg I think.That is unless Wilf shows us any sign of wanting to try foods himself before that.

I read an interesting article about delaying solids until eight months here I'm not sure we will follow this but did make me think. I know my friends who long term breastfeed and practise baby led weaning have told me not to worry if Wilf doesn't eat properly until a year or so (I mean I will introduce them before then but mainly to compliment breast milk which will still be Wilf's main food source). That being said I am excited to see his face as he discovers flavours!Avocado!Mango!Banana! 

Today we took a stroll around our local park, we brought along a thermos of coffee and I found a Whisper in my bag, score!

Hope you are all having/had a lovely weekend and got some long awaited vitamin D! xoxo
p.s is there anything cuter then baby wearing daddies? 


bridget anne said...

love the effects on these! how do you get that neat film-like color stripe on the 3rd & 4th ones?! i love it. also, happy mother's day to a beautiful, beautiful momma. xo.

avthenas said...

Hi then ;) Thank you very much for stopping by. These pictures convey a great atmosphere.


Jess said...

you can see how strong he is for sure!! from pics its difficult to judge his size although he looks big in your arms in some, are you or Papa tall?

Freya is nowhere near rolling yet although she's been trying more lately, she can't really cope too long on her front before she face plants the blanket ;)
I didn't know what baby led weaning was until you mentioned it a while back.now she's 6 months Freya has been offered spoons of veg for a little while,sometimes she goes mad for it grabbing and stuffing the spoon in her mouth and screaming blue murder when its gone, other times she just clamps her mouth shut and wants her milk,I think they tried little bits of fruit but goes straight through her lol

when I think of some of the hideous jar stuff my kids had urgh, bless em, though I did do the ice cube trays of mashed veg thing as well so not too much mummy guilt lol

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@bridget the are from a program called 'toy camera analog' which is a free download, I would recommend it!

@Lil no mum guilt allowed, what are you feeling guilty for? dont be silly :)
Both T and are around 5,8ish so fairly tall I guess? I think Wilf will out grow us though! xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous gorgeous boy! And no, there's nothing cuter than baby wearing daddies!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@ thanks Josie! x

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