What Wilf Wore 07

As Wilf was rotating two pairs of socks and living in baby grows as he had nothing for his feet I finally got round to buying him a few pairs! I also bought some of the genius 'sock ons' to keep them securely strapped to his feet! 

See that toy next to him? yep well on our trip for said socks and 'sock ons' he almost shop lifted it out the store! More on that later.

Wilf will be five months old on Saturday. Where as the first three months I wanted to speed up and get better I am now feeling it zoom away too fast. I LOVE this age, please can we freeze time and stay this small and cute and funny for ever??  


abigailemily said...

I have to say that 5 months was one of my favourite ages too! They are developing personality and do much "stuff" but are still small enough that you don't have to run around after them and can still enjoy a quiet coffee in a cafe! It definitely speeds up after about 6 or 7 months too (sorry) so cherish this whilst you can!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

*sob sob* Abi I feel so sad about it! I dont want him to grow up, he will be leaving home and getting a girlfriend in a minute :( but I guess there is more fun to have in different ways when they get bigger! x

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