Wilf at five months


I am so filled with love for this little boy, my heart is full and life is so good.
This month Wilf learnt to grab and chew his feet, to sit up and stay balanced for all of 30 seconds (then fall over sideways) to roll over and push up for long lengths of time and to pull himself commando style across the bed.
I love his goofy smile the way silly things make him laugh out loud (like his daddy burping!) or splashing away in the bath. I even love it when he's sad and his bottom lip trembles, before I pick him up and hold him close making stopping those tears before they have barely started. 
These mummy hormones must be strong because even when he wakes every 45mins throughout the night and my eyes are burning I still cant help but smile.
p.s the scratch on his nose is because I cut his nails, and probably made them even scratchier! I think I may try filing them next time, ack! 
See Wilf at four months
three months
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Sarah said...

he is VERY sweet!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Sarah! x

Caitlyn said...

Poor Wilf! I hope his nose heals up quickly! He's such a cute baby. :]

Blytheponytailparades said...

He is such a doll!

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