Our holiday cottage was part of a small farm (that kept sheep and chickens, and allegedly a horse somewhere but we never found it). We took Wilf to see the chickens, he was fairly non plussed about it. The last picture is with Wilf's granny (Tom's mum) who we were spending the week with also. It was lovely for them to have some time together.
My own mum (Wilf's Ouma) is coming to visit next week with my little sister (who has just turned 16 and finished her GCSE's woo hoo!). As my mum was poorly on our last attempt to meet I don't think she has seen Wilf since he was three months old, I hate that they live so far away.
As people do I think, my mum and I have become so much closer since my pregnancy and Wilf's birth and I feel I know her a lot better now we are both mums! Which makes me miss her all the more, I am very excited for their arrival. 
On a different note, thinking about animal products and such like, I wish we were able to keep our own chickens. Our garden isn't big enough unfortunately (or rather we could have them but we would have to turn our entire garden into a chicken pen). But it would make me feel better about the whole process..
Someone (on twitter I think?) told me about a dairy farm that lets their cows die of old age and doesn't remove their babies. I've tried to Google this to find more information but can find nothing, can anyone help? I would love to know more. In the meantime the non cows products thing is going well (although its only been a week!)


Amanda said...

What lovely photos, and all those chickens are so wonderful! I think one of these days soon your little fella will be far more interested in them than he was this time :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@amanda ha! I think so too, I guess maybe that wont kick in for a few months yet :)

Lil said...

if you lived nearer Id give you a bit of my garden!!!! I would love chickens but as my hubby has to work away and Im having to haul my butt to Switzerland each month trying to see him, I cant ;(

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil aww thats so lovely, I would have taken you up on that to! x

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