On Tuesday (of our holiday y'know the never ending holiday pics) we visited Dartmouth, I realised I forgot my camera about ten minutes into the car journey there. I tried to be blase about it, I dont need to photograph everything right? But I couldnt help feeling upset, what if I saw something beautiful? What if Wilf did something really cute? Tom's mum was kind enough to lend me hers, although I am so used to my DSLR that I kept trying to zoom in by adjusting the front of the camera lens (which funny enough doesn't work on a point and shoot!) and I'm not used to looking through a view finder screen rather than holding the camera up to my face so I found it hard to get used to!
Even though I was borrowing Tom's mum's camera I felt out of sorts like i'd lost a limb without my camera (which I pretty much take everywhere with me). Tom said it was a bit sad if I couldnt enjoy myself without taking pictures..he didnt say it to be mean and he's right, it is.
I have been thinking about why this is and come up with things like 'maybe its because both my grandparents and my mum had/currently have diseases which cause memory loss. Maybe I am scared of not remembering these times?' I've also thought it could be some sort of disorder where I need to prove to people what a lovely time/life I have! Both of these reasons are quite sad really and both probably true to a certain extent. 
Taking pictures makes me happy which is fine but if forgetting my camera starts to effect my enjoyment of life then its an issue right? I never used to even have a camera, I only joined Facebook in 2009 (when most people I know were on it in uni) and had a phone that cost £3.99 and couldnt receive pictures. Now I have a DSLR an Iphone where I check my social networks at least ten times a day (not so much FB but twitter and Instagram) and a blog. Sometimes its a little overwhelming but mostly it makes me very happy so I guess I just need to find a balance?
Have any of you ever had these dilemmas?


Jess said...

I have always taken loads of pics of everything even before the internet lol I love looking at other peoples pictures (especially old albums etc) I try to make sure I print the best ones though as they reckon we are going to be a whole few generations with lost pics due to them only being digital. I had boxes full of photos of the kids as babies, then when I got my first digital camera you can see the collection just stopped and most of them were lost in computer crashes etc :( anyway you learn the hard way I guess, nothing beats a pic you can hold. I read a few blogs, have a facebook, cant really figure out twitter as you know lol but thats it for me these days.

I read a blog once where a woman had gone out with her partner and baby and they were having a great time and she realised she was writing the blog post about it in her head as it was happening rather than just enjoying living it. now thats pretty sad, but still made for a funny blog post when she blogged about that ;) !!!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

haha that made me laugh, sounds like something I would *almost* do. Your so right about digital pics too, i really really need to print out some pics of Wilf..I have none printed out!! xx

Sian said...

I remember having a similar conversation with my dad when I bought a new camera a few years back. He used to be really into photography as well as travelling. One of my favourite childhood memories is gathering in front of the slide projector in the living room and looking at his old photos.

However, he told me he stopped taking photos when he realised he was looking at the Alps, for example, and thinking "Wow, that would make a beautiful photo", rather than "What a beautiful sight!". So for him it was taking him out of the present moment, whereas for me I find that taking photos makes me a lot more mindful of the small details of life, and I do think photos are really important as memories. So it's a balance I guess!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Sian, that thing about the Alps really stikes a chord as I know thats something I would do! And your right, a balance is good! xx

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