The Dolphin

If you were hoping to see a real dolphin or us swimming with dolphins or something then I hope you wont be disappointed with these pictures! I happen to think they are fairly hilarious, this was a little play area behind our room which was fun for both toddlers and littles. Wilf loved playing in this swing and I think I must have taken a million pictures as he was constantly pulling the cutest faces, seriously this is the condensed version. This was the first morning of our holiday and although we had a early start (5.30am which continued the entire week, crazy baby) we were feeling a lot better from the day before. 
Although the cottage was supplied with a cot, we had a queen size bed that we pushed against the wall and stuffed the tiny gap from wall to bed with cushions. There were also two single beds in our room too, I would go to bed with Wilf at 7.30ish and then Tom could come up later and get in one of the beds so as not to disturb us. Although at 5.30 when Wilf decided it was time to chat 'dadadadadada aboo! mamamamamamama urk pffffft' and so forth Tom would get in with us and we would try and doze together for a little longer (as Wilf would hit us repeatedly on the head with 'biscuit bear').
I was so thankful for Tom on this holiday, especially the daily breakfasts in bed and taking Wilf off my  hands to go for a solo swim (!) a long hot bath (!) or just chill out on the lap top editing pics. 
I love my baby but sometimes it feels so good to just be alone for half an hour. 
I remember my mum telling me her idea of heaven would be left alone in a cafe to finish a drink and read a book and now i totally get it.
Its fathers day today though so T gets breakfast in bed and a lie in. Of course this would be the morning the cat decided to throw up in the living room as well *sigh*. 
Hope all you daddy's out there get spoiled! xx


Unknown said...

I have just discovered your blog and adore the swing and the face. My boys are a little older at 7 and nearly 6, but oh I still would love to be left in a cafe with a book and a hot cup of tea.

Kyla said...

Oh, these pictures are the sweetest! That swing looks like so much fun...

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@jen thanks so much! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@kyla doesnt it! I want one for our home now..grown up size! :)

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