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Another beautiful post from one of my favourite Bristolian bloggers and friend Jo. She posts over at Ephemeral Digest which is full of great local reviews and thoughtful articles. Thanks so much for sharing this Jo (and how cute is little Mersi??) 

Bristol and little Bristolians I could post many pictures of all the different and exciting things my daughter and I get up to during our days and I will towards the end but that's not all I want to say about raising a baby in Bristol. When I first found out I was pregnant and knew I'd be bringing up baby on my own I had some thoughts about moving away. Not really about moving to Greece where my parents lived but maybe to Edinburgh which I loved or London. Perhaps Brighton. More likely, Cheltenham, where I work. I had no intention of stopping full time work once maternity leave was over and I would only have my flatmate as real family at home and there were many reasons why I didn't want to be walking the same streets as her father. I just couldn't bring myself to do it though. When I looked up property or had friends email me listings for flats and rooms close to work I would have a huge resistance to the idea. Nice, interesting, pleasant, I thought but not anything to do with me. These days, her dad's presence is one of the things that keep us in Bristol but when I was pregnant, Bristol itself was the family I didn't have. Not the known parts. Not only the places I knew really well but all those I hadn't yet discovered. There was a spot on the side of the Christmas Steps where I hadn't sat and hadn't noticed the matching figures above the doorway of Fotohaus.

I hadn't yet eaten at Thekla and I hadn't walked by the Grove at sunset. i hadn't visited the Brewery Theatre or the one at the Tobacco Factory. I hadn't watched Toy Story 3 at Millennium Square or even noticed the play at Wimbledon. I had never climbed the steps leading up to the back of Cinema 1 at the Watershed. The Harbourside Market hadn't even started yet and the Spanish busker who sang Chan Chan by the Buena Vista Social Club hadn't yet smiled at my daughter.

I didn't know about Rhyme Time at our library or soft play on Gloucester Road. There had been no riot at Stokes Croft and I didn't yet know that the scrambled eggs at the Watershed were far superior to the ones at Rosemarino at Clifton. (How can you get toast wrong?) I hadn't watched a 15-month-old explore the corners of Bristol Cathedral whether there is a small field covered in daisies which grown in the shade and it didn't yet occur to me that the toys at AtBristol where at toddler level for a reason. Every city must have so much hidden but Bristol seems to revel in its crevices and nooks and open but unvisited treasures like the Red Lodge on Park Row. There is so much that I hadn't seen but could almost sense was there for me to absorb as a guest Bristolian.

 I couldn't leave and I have found that Bristol gets better everyday for raising a little Bristolian. From participation to exploration there is something new about even the familiar. Now here are the photos.

Froyo in BristolAmong the fields surrounding Bristol
Cathedral Our Bristol summer holidays at College
Green Untitled Colour and coffee To the zoo Street Art on the Welsh Back The Views From Vauxhall Bridge Are
Forever, Bristol Slowly Waking Up To The Day,
Bristol Explore The Other Side Of The Floating Harbour,
Bristol The Streets Are Yours, St Paul's
Carnival Lloyds Bank in the snow, Bristol Against a pink sky


abigailemily said...

Beautiful Jo! Makes me want to go out exploring parts I haven't seen too!

abigailemily said...

Oh and lovely photos too! X

Charlotte said...

Lovely post. Wish we lived in Bristol :( xxxxx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@charlotte we wish you did too! xx

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