A little update..

Some miscellaneous photos from our holiday
This weekend I stayed inside all Saturday whilst it rained and got on with a lovely wedding invite commission I am working on. I've just had feedback from the client who is beyond excited about how its going which makes me very happy! 
I met up with a friend for coffee in Starbucks yesterday before a little clothes shopping, I ordered a goats cheese pannini and was told to grab one from the side, which I did. To be fair I probably picked up the wrong one rather than it being in the wrong place etc but when it arrived it had sausage in it too (lucky I hadn't eaten any yet). I went back up to the counter to apologise for my mistake but say I couldn't eat it as I was a vegetarian. The girl who took my order shook her head and made a face at the other waitress as if to say 'her fault, what can we do about it'. I hadn't actually considered them not taking it back and replacing it so it was a bit of a surprise to get that reaction. Luckily another waitress who was a vegetarian also said she understood and would cook me another. You would have thought for a big chain like Starbucks the loss of one pannini isn't a great deal, I did thank them for sorting it out but its still kind of put me off going back there. I know I know, I probably shouldn't have been there in the first place, but I was in a shopping centre so it wasn't as if I could have chosen an independent coffee shop even if I wanted to. And Starbucks do make the best soy lattes.
The rest of Sunday was spent working on the house (painting the kitchen) and playing with Wilf. I attempted some courgette pattie things from the River Cottage baby book which went down well but seemed to take forever to make, although now I know how to I'm sure it will be easier in the future. I'm really excited to make some more of the recipes from there though and I love that we are eating the same things all together (Wilf had two!). 
On the note of eating solid foods we had our first poomagedon yesterday (sorry grown up Wilf if you ever read this). It had been three days and I was slightly terrified of leaving the house to meet my friend as I knew it was bound to happen then. Thankfully it happened an hour or so before, although it involved lots of wipes, hilarity and Tom and Wilf having to be hosed down in the shower. Oh my gosh the things they should warn you about motherhood..

The pictures of the farming games left at our cottage for guests to play crack me up, alas we didn't actually play them. Our little holiday seems to long ago now! Although I still have a few pictures to share xoxo


Joanna said...

The Starbucks experience is one I have had a few times as well. It's not the wrongly chosen panini, but the fact that they pull faces at each other or even roll their eyes. I always for complicated dreams and I couple of times the staff have been rude and unpleasant. Most of the time it's fine and I agree that Starbucks have the best soy lattes, I just wish they could enjoy their customers' presence rather than see them as the enemy.

Joanna said...

Oops! How many typos did I make?! Correction: ** I always ask for complicated drinks and a couple of times the staff have been rude and unpleasant.


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Ha! Jo I like the idea of asking for 'complicated dreams' :) I knew what you meant though!
I know it cant be great working for a huge chain but the service could be better for sure xx

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