Papa and Baba

Tom took Wilf today for two and a half hours whilst I went to a hair appointment. I got to drink tea (two cups) read a magazine and eat three biscuits. My tea was still hot by the time I had finished it, I didn't have to try and pry away my biscuit from chubby little baby hands and I managed to read an entire article without coming back to it. Heaven.
Tom took Wilf to the Botanical Gardens and they learnt about the origins of the Avocado (Persea americanaplant. 

I keep getting glimpses of Tom and Wilf, like this morning when they were in the spare room/Wilf's room and Tom was playing the xylophone whilst Wilf jingled jangled his bells, like a little father and son band. Its like glimpsing into the future (not the band part!) and imagining the bond these two will have only getting stronger, playing games in the park, learning to ride a bicycle, dancing round the living room..

As Wilf gets older his dependence on me will start to lesson (once he is eating more he will need to breastfeed less) and whilst this partly makes me a little sad I am also excited about the more Wilf and Tom can do together.


Anonymous said...

If we do form a family band, we will call ourselves The Mighty Quinns. Tx

Unknown said...

Man, your little one is cute! You have such a lovely fam. xo.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@kendall thanks so much! x

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