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Mama wears:
T- Shirt by Gnome Enterprises
Skirt by Topshop
boots by Fly London

Tom and I went out for our first 'date night' for six months last night (i.e first date night since Wilf arrived in the world). First time we had both just had some time with each other without Wilf and it was   really nice.
I'm glad we waited until we felt 100% ready as although I did find it a bit odd to be without him (like I had forgotten something) I wasnt overly stressed out or worried. My mum and sister Serin looked after him and I knew he was in safe hands and it meant alot that my mum had been there when he came into this world. I had managed to express 3ml (which for me is pretty good as I hate hate expressing, so dull and so tedius). Although I was going to feed him before we left and be back a couple of hours later I knew it would make me feel more at ease knowing it was there if he needed it (he never did, all that hardwork went down the sink!)
We decided to go to a Thai resteruant called Teohs which is a 15 minute walk from our house so that if we needed to we could be back really quickly. I had eaten there once before and love the fact that almost every dish can be served as a vegitarian option by replacing the meat with Tofu. We spent a good couple of hours, chatting, eating and sharing a bottle of wine. We reminised about how wonderful Wilf's birth was which wasnt something we had talked about in a good while, and I found a lump in my throat when I thought of the beautiful boy we had brought into the world and raised so far (BTW we only chatted about him 85% of the time..)
I realised some way into the meal that i had a voucher cloud deal for 20% which seemed an added bonus on a sucsessful evening out. When I asked for the bill Tom remembered this fact and told me to go up and tell them before they printed it out. I got up to the counter at the same time as her and told her we had a voucher. She acnoweledged this fact and then when I looked down to work out on my phone how to retreive it she quickly ran all the things through the till anyway (Tom saw this part but didnt realise what was going on at the time). When I looked up to show her the code she said that actually we couldnt use it as the items were already on the till and we should have told them at the start of the meal. I didnt want to argue, although I did question it only to have that repeated to me a few times. As I hadnt at this point realised she had turned around to do this I assumed she maybe didnt know how to use the till and was scared to ask (I know weird logic but its something I can imagine doing) so I gave her a tip anyway. It was only afterwards when Tom and I talked about it that we realised what had happened and bascically they had just fleeced us out of the discount and I tipped them on top of that..
So whilst I would have ordinarily have written this post saying what a great place it is (and I do think their food is good) dont bother trying to use a voucher there as they probably wont accept it!
Anyway that was only a small part of the night and I didnt want it to over shadow the night which was a sucsess on the whole.
We got back home to find that Wilf hadnt slept (he didnt go to sleep before we left so we left him downstairs with my mum and sister). Even though he didnt sleep he was just chatting away when we arrived 'dadadadadadad sqqueeee!' and then went straight to bed and to sleep with me. It was lovely getting that cuddle as we got through the door. I missed him but I enjoyed our couple time together too, perhaps we will have another before the next six months is up! ;)
p.s these pictures were actually from the other day, I didnt take any pictures of our night out to force myself to 'just enjoy it'.


Eleanor said...

Love those boots! What a stupid waitress, I'd have been very annoyed if that happened to me!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Eleanor Thank you, they are great aren't they! And yes she was a bit stupid!

bridget anne said...

your shirt is so, so amazing!

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