Wilf eats Avacado

So as I've mentioned we've been giving Wilf little bits of fruit to try and he has started to show a definite interest in food (by that I mean every time he sees us eat something he practically hyperventilates with excitement!).
I was hoping to wait until six months as I know the longer you wait the more beneficial it is to the child in terms of less chances of certain diseases etc but he's a big baby and I am also a believer of following our instincts or what Wilf is showing us he needs.
So whilst we are still waiting for our highchair to arrive..(and staying in all afternoon on Friday for a FedEx delivery I thought would be the chair but turned out to be a pen..) we are still letting him try things through his 'nubby' and guess what? He goes craazy for avocado!

Aaanyway, yesterday Tom and I went into the centre of Bristol to meet some friends that had yet to meet Wilf. They were joined by some of their friends that I hadn't met before and so I struck up conversation with one of the girls. She was telling me about how she is researching into the role of radio and women's access to radio in the third world countries. Now before I had a baby I am sure I would have been able to add something to this conversation, I would never call myself an intellectual (I'll leave that to my mum and brother who hold their doctorates) but I would consider myself fairly educated..

What did I have to add to this conversation? Well after a long pause whilst I racked my brains for something to respond with..I said..'Wilf is eating avocado now'

..I have to admit to feeling a little depressed after this, they left to join the Dot to Dot festival and I was left thinking..really? Do I have nothing interesting to say anymore? Since we got rid of TV I actually barely know what is even going on in the world, I don't really buy the paper and I'm left in this little bubble that rotates around meeting other friends with babies,family and Tom..
When I worked I could retell stories of office politics or meet up with friends for drinks and a gossip. Now my only conversation is Wilf because well he's my world now.
But then I thought about it some more and realised that that's OK, so I don't have a funny tale to tell/or moan about my day in the office. Sure I may be missing out on nights out and gossipping with friends but I know which life I prefer.

Wilf eating avocado is interesting to me, I'm so amazed and proud of this boy I grew and we are raising. I am constantly astounded and delighted by the things he does and the personality that is coming through. And I kinda hated working in a office, and nights out will come in time.
So we weren't going off to see bands at Dot to Dot we were going home for dinner as a family, but first we stopped off for churros.

And before anyone mentions it I know that contains milk but this is a transition and I will have to have cows products on our holiday next week as we are sharing meals with Tom's family and I not yet confident on cooking without them. Also I think maybe people got confused with my post on giving up cows products. I'm not actually going Vegan, I am still eating eggs and goats/sheep cheese, so I will be a vegetarian that doesn't eat cows products (as of a couple of weeks time). And we'll go from there.

so to my readers who read my blog pre baby I apologise. But this is a life style blog and this is my life now! And I kinda love it..

oh and did I mention?Wilf eats avacado now!


Siobhan Watts said...

Hello, I thought I'd comment back here just incase you might not pick up a reply on my blog. Re. replacing cheese I do use Sheese, and Tesco do a nice vegan cheese too, but only some supermarkets stock it. Maybe try online or ask in store for them to get it?

I tend to use it sparingly as it is pretty processed, but it works a treat when you're craving a cheese and pickle sandwich or a pizza. The taste takes some getting used to, but persevere and you'll soon love it. Sheese's cheshire style cheese is delicious. It keeps for ages as well, and you can also freeze it.

I haven't experimented much with using it to replace things like feta and goats cheese in recipes. It has a very different texture and doesn't melt quite like normal cheese so I steer clear of using it in cooking. Works best in sandwiches and on pizzas.

Hope that helps! x

Eatlovemerry said...

I love avacado! I love to have it as fruit juice hehe.

Charis said...

Bless you! I don't like avocado & nor do I have a wee one but I like reading your delight as Wilf discovers new things so I keep popping back!

Jess said...

what is this nubby of which you speak? looks pretty cool

katie said...

haha, i love the last bit of this post. :) your blog is super cute. i don't have any kiddos yet, but i do sometimes get discouraged by friends who talk about how kids become people's lives. i WANT that. :) <3

Unknown said...

oh gosh your little guy is soo cute!!
thanks for visiting my blog :)

Helen said...

I think having a lifestyle blog can be hard when you're life is changing. I started my blog when I was a student but now I work fulltime and have a house that I've renovated and I was really worried that posting about that would alienate readers who just liked my outfits and baking! But, it's my life and that's what my blog is about and I think most people who read lifestyle blogs are naturally nosy and enjoy all aspects. At least I do :)

I find it so odd when babies love weird food! I hated avocado until a few years ago. My 22 month old niece absolutely loves olives too and goes mad for them, you'll have to try Wilf on them in a few months (destoned ones obviously! there was an incident where Sophia swallowed an olive with a stone still in it, oops!)

Francesca said...

i remember thinking, 'for god's sake! can we talk about something other than kids for a change?!' that was when i was the only one without kids. it was a lonely place! it won't be long before everybody around you is talking about avocado and poo and sleep and nothing else. 'friends with kids' looks like a funny film.
thanks for stopping by my blog, always lovely to meet new people. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@siobhan thanks so much for this, we bouht some Sheese but I think you are right it might take a bit of getting used to! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@benlovesting ooh thats interesting, never tried it as a juice!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@charis, aww thank you thats really nice to know! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil haha its like a strange kind of mesh holder thing, you put fruit or veg in it and they can sqeeze it out! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@katie haha thank you, I'm glad you like it! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@helen this is such a good comment and pretty much how I feel. Thank you for saying that. I used to work in a deli and was always surpised when toddlers ate olives! I thought they were such an acquired taste! xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Francesca ooh I'll have to check that film out. Your comment made me laugh, so true! x

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