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Before I start this post I would like to get something off my mind that has been milling around for a while..'mumpertition'.
I had witnessed mums being competitive about their children's skills and progress whilst I was pregnant, I always found it funny and was so sure it would be nothing I would have anything to do with ever once Wilf was born.
It is natural to be proud of your children, to be amazed at the new skills they have learnt and to share this with the people you love. I do this publicly ever month with my 'Wilf at __ months' posts, 'Wilf now rolls over, sits up, crawls..etc' (which makes him sound a little like a trained dog now I write that down!). I don't consider that to be 'boasting' and I hope it is taken as I write it just simply a record of my baby's new found skills to look back on and reminisce, sure I am very proud of Wilf but I would be proud of his ability to 'roll over' whether he did it at three months or six months.
However I feel like I experience 'mumpertition' on a daily basis and its something that leaves a bad feeling with me and something I dont want to be drawn into. 

I've seen friends gossip about each others babies abilities and bitch about a slow starter, and it makes me feel depressed to be honest. Truly I am pleased for my friends who's babies sleep well just as I am pleased for my friends who's babies learnt a new skill (at whatever age or stage) but when it tips over to mumpertition I want no part of it.
SO I know eating is often a subject of stress for many and also one used to compete with other parents. When I thought about introducing Wilf to food I was very much prepared for him not to care about it too much. I even read about the benefits of delaying introducing solids until 7 or 8 months and so was very prepared to do this if he didn't seem interested. But instead Wilf has enjoying pretty much everything we offer him with gusto.
I know my mum was really surprised to see him gobble down (baby friendly) quiches and frittata when she was visiting! 
My point of the above was, I am sharing some of the things we make Wilf in the hope of it being on interest to other parents cooking for young children but not with the intention of boasting about how well or how much he eats. That being said I am including some full bowls/empty bowls as I find it both interesting from my point of view and aesthetically pleasing!
These food diary posts have also been inspired by my friends blog (go check her out)
OK OK you are probably thinking, all the above just to post about how to make pesto?? But hey I didn't know how to make it before so I'm guessing/hoping someone out there was in the same boat as me.

makes 200ml (enough for three people)
50g pine nuts or breadcrumbs
50g bunch of basil leaves
1 garlic clove
35g parmesan or other hard cheese (we used a hard goats cheese)
100ml of extra virgin olive oil
a squeeze of lemon juice
a little pepper

Preheat the oven to 180c/gas 4 spread the pine nuts or breadcrumbs on a tray and toast them for 5-10minutes, leave to cool (we used have pine nuts half breadcrumbs)
Put the pine nuts/breadcrumbs into a food processor (or whizz it with a hand whizzer thing) along with the basil, garlic and cheese. Blitz to a paste then slowly pour in the oil until you have a think sloppy puree.
Scrape the pesto out into a bowl and season with the lemon and pepper. This will keep for a few days in the fridge.
(if you have a baby like Wilf you will have to do the whizzing when he is not in the room otherwise he finds the noise scary and cries)

 cook 'some' spaghetti..and you are done, simples...yum (i forgot to show how much Wilf ate but it was quite a bit..and quite a bit for our fat cat on the floor)

Tom and I added goats cheese (and a little salt)  to ours after we had served it out
This recicipe was from the River Cottage baby and toddler cook book


Giveaway from The Homemade Mama

I'm so excited about this giveaway from my large sponsor The Homemade Mama!
Kimberlee (aka The Homemade Mama) has been knitting for 25 years and has recently started to share these many years of experience with others in her knitting classes.

Kimberlee is giving away this amazing Fox hat to one lucky follower! The hat is knitted using 100% organic cotton and is sized 0-3 months. I was lucky enough to be gifted with a fox outfit from Kimberlee for when Wilf was a little baba and we have kept the set in a special draw with a couple of other handmade precious to us things..unfortunately the only picture I have of him in the full outfit is this one..

He was only one week old in the second two pictures, can you believe it? so tiny, ahhhh
anyway I digress
Kimberlee is teaching newbie knitters how to make the above fox set in her knitting lessons AND if the above prize wasn't enough she is also offering all of you 20% off course prices! Just quote Tigerlillyquinn when booking.  

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Our Weekend in Pictures 28/07/2012

Love Them
This weekend everything just seemed to work just right. We headed into the centre of Bristol for 10am as I had a manicure appointment (I know, fancy!) and Tom took Wilf off round the shops (of which apparently River Island is his favourite as there are LOTS of brightly coloured clothes in there to pull on..). After my appointment we headed to LUSH as I wanted to take a look at their new make up range (more on that later) and after I had treated myself to a couple of new bits (the lip stain is amazing) we went for lunch at GBK.
We are trying to only eat out at places with deals whenever we eat out, which isn't very often these days. There was a vouchercloud deal for two burgers and a side for £15 and as we didn't order drinks it was a fairly inexpensive treat. 
After that we went to Gloucester road so Tom could get his hair trimmed at a super cheap barbers he has been loyal to since I've known him and I pootled round the charity shops with Wilf, picking up a Ladybird book on Light and Sounds for 40p.
We walked home via St Andrews Park and had a little crawl around and an ice cream for Tom, coffee for me and a Ella pouch for Wilf.
The above may not sounds super out of the ordinary for many but for me it made the perfect Saturday. We had a tapas style dinner of various leftovers and wine, watched a bit of Breaking Bad and then Tom headed out to a Stag do whilst Wilf and I tucked ourselves up in bed to watch a bit of catch up TV and were asleep by a reasonable 10.30pm (Wilf more like 8pm).
Today we are baby proofing the house as this little boy as well as crawling is pulling himself up to standing now too, eep!
What did you get up to this weekend??


What Mama Wore - Eucalyptus

Mama Wore:
Dress - Eucalyptus 
Sandals - Salt Water

Here's the thing. I saw this dress back in a boutique in West Wales when I went to visit my family (back when Wilf was three months, so like four months ago..ur that's weird, went fast). I fell in LOVE with this dress, but it was £85 which is crazy money and a price and don't think I could ever justify spending on clothes. 
Then a month or so ago a friend said they were buying some Saltwater Sandals on Modcloth as they worked out a lot cheaper (like half the price of Toast where I was silly and bought my first pair) and did I want to get any and split the postage? Even with the postage they still ended up being a lot cheaper than buying in them in the UK from Toast so I thought I would treat myself as it was too good a deal to pass up on. So whilst I was picking out which colour to go for a stumbled across the Eucalyptus dress, on sale! For £27 in fact, what a find! 
What an exciting story I hear you say..
But basically my tip would be if you can to team up with someone who wanted to buy something from Modcloth as they have lots of amazing clothes/shoes on there and some of them a lot cheaper than UK prices. 
This isn't a sponsored post I just really like Modcloth :)

p.s those last pictures make me laugh..thumbs up!
oh and p.p.s you can win one of my Moleskin notebooks by entering this competition


Some picture of our trip to the seaside

We are back from Dorset where we went for a few days to celebrate Tom's 30th.
We were blessed with sunny weather which was lovely. We may not have been able to appreciate it so much as we are suffering from near exhaustion from a poorly baby who cant sleep unless being rocked standing up.
Being a parent ey?
I know babies have to get coughs and colds to build up their immunity but its so hard to watch.
We are getting through with lots of cuddles and coffee (cuddles for Wilf, coffee for his parents as much as the second to last picture suggests otherwise).
The third picture down was one of Tom's favourite books as a child and the fourth picture down was his toy too which became a firm favourite with Wilf. He would crawl here and there still clutching the strings and bringing 'Buzzy Bee' clackity clacking along with him. I must hunt one down on Ebay they are beautiful down you agree?
The last picture down is of Wilf and his granny Quinn, he is a lucky boy to have so many loving relatives. In many ways Wilf timed his first illness quite well with Tom being off work and us being down at his mums. Extra hands to help play and look after him as well as being able to catch up on a little sleep in the morning and to cook us yummy meals in the evening!
On a different note:
My baby brother finished primary school on Saturday, its a little heart breaking thinking of him starting 'big' school! I always felt/feel very maternal towards my brother Madog as there is a 15 year difference between us, and he's such a lovely little boy. But fingers crossed the summer is now starting for the long summer break for him before we think about that. What have you been up to over the weekend? 


Wilf at Seven Months

Wilf is now seven months old.

He learnt to crawl four days into being seven months but I'm going to include it in my six month round up as he has been moving about the place for a few weeks now (be it a face plant or a bum shuffle) but now we are finally away. 

He has been sitting up for a few weeks also, with a wobble here and there to start but now confidently and with purpose. He hates hates being on his back full stop and we have had to take down the change table and he will just try to throw himself off it. Changing him is a challenge but we do it in parts and with distractions and mostly its a fairly amusing (apart from when there is poo involved).

Wilf you love food

You are a great eater and gobble up sweet potato pasties, toast, spaghetti, fritatta, quiche and toad in the hole. You love foods I would never have expected you to (umm cabbage!) and have taken to baby led weaning ridiculously well. We have tried occasionally feeding you from a spoon (yogurt or those Ella pouches) but unless you can hold the spoon yourself you're really not that fussed. 

You marked turning seven months with getting your first illness which makes me really appreciate breastfeeding and its antibodies all the more that you hadn't had one sooner. You have a horrible cough that keeps you (and your parents) awake most of the past three days as it means you cant sleep lying down or for any length of time but despite feeling under the weather you still remain chirpy throughout the day and I am constantly amazed by your sunny nature. 

I know I say this all the time but each month you get more and more fun!
Love mama x

Welcome to the world little Isobel

My big brother became a dad last night! I am so proud of my sister in law Joc (who had a water birth at Newcastle Birthing Centre which looks really lovely btw) and so excited to have a little niece to indulge my little dress obsession (I have already found myself on Etsy looking at the sweetest vintage frocks...) 
p.s she beat Wilf's birth weight by 6oz, we made big babies in our family evidently


Happy 30th Tom!

Happy 30th Tom.

I know sometimes people dread turning this age, but look at all you have achieved! A family that loves you so much (and a house to put them in).
We are off to the seaside to celebrate as a family

we love you so much


(tom teaching Wilf to crawl)
update, Wilf has perfected crawling and is zooming away as a birthday present for his daddy!
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