Some picture of our trip to the seaside

We are back from Dorset where we went for a few days to celebrate Tom's 30th.
We were blessed with sunny weather which was lovely. We may not have been able to appreciate it so much as we are suffering from near exhaustion from a poorly baby who cant sleep unless being rocked standing up.
Being a parent ey?
I know babies have to get coughs and colds to build up their immunity but its so hard to watch.
We are getting through with lots of cuddles and coffee (cuddles for Wilf, coffee for his parents as much as the second to last picture suggests otherwise).
The third picture down was one of Tom's favourite books as a child and the fourth picture down was his toy too which became a firm favourite with Wilf. He would crawl here and there still clutching the strings and bringing 'Buzzy Bee' clackity clacking along with him. I must hunt one down on Ebay they are beautiful down you agree?
The last picture down is of Wilf and his granny Quinn, he is a lucky boy to have so many loving relatives. In many ways Wilf timed his first illness quite well with Tom being off work and us being down at his mums. Extra hands to help play and look after him as well as being able to catch up on a little sleep in the morning and to cook us yummy meals in the evening!
On a different note:
My baby brother finished primary school on Saturday, its a little heart breaking thinking of him starting 'big' school! I always felt/feel very maternal towards my brother Madog as there is a 15 year difference between us, and he's such a lovely little boy. But fingers crossed the summer is now starting for the long summer break for him before we think about that. What have you been up to over the weekend? 


Nell said...

That pull along toy really is lovely. You should definitely hunt one down. I hope little Wilf is feeling better now. Colds are so horrid for these babies of ours, and it's terrible not being able to do much to help. Cuddles and kisses seem to help Phiney though...as does one of those vapour things you plug in btw. Not sure if you've tried one but it's helped Josephine's sleeping so much over the last few nights; which is as lovely for Mama as it is for Phiney!
Happy, healthy vibes to you from Bath xx

Country Rose said...

Rose seems to have come down with a cold as well.. strange how she hasn't had one for ages and then suddenly she gets one when it's so hot and sunny!
I remember the days of the rocking standing up... I think I had arms of steel by the time she didn't need that anymore..!
Lovely photo's of Dorset. I actually saw you all walking just out of the town centre on Saturday afternoon, I wasn't sure at the time but now realise it definitely was you! Bridport is my home-town and I was walking with my cousin up to my auntie's house. Not that you really need to know any of that though..!

Ashley xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Ashley thats so funny! I asked Tom if he knew you but he doesnt, I wonder if you were in the same school?
I feel a little famous now! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@nell I guess they have to get them but its hard to watch! Wilf is so much better now but I'll bare that in mind for next time! xx

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