Then and Now

 Me aged six months, my mumma aged 26 taken at Bristol Zoo Gardens
Wilf aged seven months, me aged 26 taken at St Andrews Park, Bristol

I only realised the similarity once I had gotten home..otherwise I might have been clever and tried to get my mum in the picture too..its funny to think that 26 years ago my parents would have been going through the same things Tom and I are now, the same age, in the same city. Its also ironic that a couple of years later my family would move and then continue to move around the UK but here I am back where I was born like some kind of salmon returning to my birth place to have my own baby.
The even weirder thing being that my mum (a Strickland) and my dad (a Quinn) never married but shared their surnames amongst their children. 
Then me (a Strickland) met Tom (a Quinn) met in the same city my parents met in..history repeating itself hur?
If Tom and I were to ever get married (and we may never) I'm not sure if I would change my name to Quinn or not..


Jess said...

gawd you are the image of her!!! Strickland-Quinn sounds well posh so I think you should go with that anyway lol ;)

Cara said...

My last name is Quinn, through marriage :). I didn't ever want to lose my maiden name but I love my married name ;).

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@cara its a good name to have! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil aww thanks :) haha might be a bit of a mouthful!

Rhianne said...

thats amazing how much you look like your Mum there and Wilf looks like you :) such a great comparison and a amazing about the history repeating itself too!

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