a new game..

so this is new game..
we really need to baby proof our living room more, thinking about a play pen too, any advise on that? Did anyone use one for their baby and find it helpful, I'd love to know.
Right now Wilf is having a nap and my dad is kindly tidying up my house for me.. (aren't parents fantastic!) he's so great with Wilf its lovely having him to stay (not just for the cleaning help).
Also we had lovely post this morning, I thought I had bid on Ebay for two Osh Kosh dungarees for Wilf at the bargain price of £5..turns out the bundle was not only the two dungarees but six other vintage Osh Kosh pieces! This may not be hugely exciting for anyone else but its the kind of surprise that makes my day (i know, i know).
I had a little gift sent to me in the post yesterday that I will blog about shortly (including another fantastic giveaway I know you will be as excited as me about!) I love happy mail days! 

Oh and P.S I keep forgetting to say but I finally got round to setting up a Facebook page for my blog so if you feel inclined them hop over and like it, thanks friends! xo


little sleep said...

Wow, extremely jealous of your Osh Gosh windfall!! Have a great weekend x

Lia said...

This game was India's favourite until a few weeks ago! Bookshelves, magazine racks, tupperware drawers...all emptied about 400 times a day. Thankfully she's bored of that now & prefers to launch herself of the bed/sofa/table - terrifying!
I bought but hardly used a playpen for Dexter, but not Florence or India. I'm not sure why, i just didn't like the idea. They can be handy though when you have to get on, i guess I just use the highchair with toys / books on when i really need Indi out the way for cooking / floor mopping!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lia I know what you mean, does feel a bit like caging him in! Its something I want to just drop him in first thing in the say and leave him to it but it would be handy for getting a little done round the house (as long as he liked it in there) he hates being strapped to the highchair unfortunately! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I know right! x

Rachel said...

Hi Fritha, I'm Rachel! I've been following your journey for a while, my daughter is 8 months old so similar to Wilf (who is gorgeous by the way!) Anyway, I'm finally introducing myself and commenting as I feel I have something useful to say.....! We got a play pen for Heidi a few weeks ago and although I had reservations about it looking like I was putting her in jail, It's one of the best things we have. She loves it, just fill it with toys and I can get a few things done. It's great because otherwise I feel I'd be giving her mixed messages if I put her in the cot without her going to sleep or in the highchair without food! That's my opinion anyway and I hope it's helpful! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@rachel, hi! I clicked over to your blog, Heidi is beautiful and what a lovely name!
I know what you mean actually, since we put up the cot we were trying to get him to 'get used to it' by playing in it..but I'm sure I read somewhere in regards to adult sleeping that you shouldn't do things like watch TV in bed etc as you should associate it with going to sleep so it did make me wonder! Thanks for your comment x

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