Stop the Cull

  • Up to 130,000 badgers could be killed in an attempt to help eradicate bovine tuberculosis
  • The planned cull is inhumane and the government has not given the alternative, a vaccination programme, a chance
  • "A cull does not address the problem and it will not make the problem go away. It is a temporary solution and one that doesn't address the real issues of the disease affecting cattle." - Brian May
  • Scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing the disease and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
  • The cost of trapping and killing each badger out weighs the cost of vaccinating each badger. 
  • "Defra [the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] are misleading us with false promises that the disease can be tackled like this. We need a long-term plan instead, with a commitment to vaccination not cold-blooded killing." - Brian May

Please Please help to petition against this awful planned cull. Stop the cull and save our Badgers.
You can sign petitions here and here 

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Unknown said...

As the daughter in Law of a farmer, I know how terrible a disease BTB is and unfortunately will not be singing the petition.

My FIL is a wonderful man, who agreed with the hunting ban and has a love for all animals, but unless something is done (weather that be vaccinations or the cull) small farmers are going to go out of business.

The Dress Tree said...

I'm a farmers daughter and I HAVE signed the petition.

The issue isn't whether something is done or not, it's making the decision to do something about the problem in a HUMANE manner. That is something that even farmers can get behind.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Hi Jen,
I totally agree that something needs to be done but a cull is not the answer. A very brave dairy farmer spoke at the demo and condemned the planned cull, he is fighting for the vaccination to take place instead and unfortunately has received lots of negative responses from this in his community.
I'm glad your FIL agreed with the hunting ban and I totally understand the worry he must be under which is why I believe we must get these vaccinations done as soon as possible. x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thank you Kim! You are so right, with a vaccination already in place in Wales I cant understand why a cull could even be considered an option!
Thanks so much for signing x

Kate Blandford said...


It is completely ridiculous that they are willing to spend MORE on killing badgers rather than vaccinating them. It seems just like a quick fix, one which might not even work.

Maybe if they used the cheaper (and more humane) vaccination then perhaps money could be used to research and eradicate BTB altogether?

Quick fixes never solve anything.

Obviously I know this is peoples businesses and lives at stake but its all terribly backwards. I'll be signing the petition.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

thanks for your comment Kate, I totally agree x

Anonymous said...

Signed :)

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