I know its not like flying in a plane or anything (my brother and SIL have just made a 15 hour flight with a 6 week old..) but as my family live to stupidly far from me (one five and half hours in one direction and the others five and a half in the other..) long train journeys are unavoidable if I want to see them.
Neither Tom nor I drive, never learnt, never had the need to. As we live in city with great public transport (we live right by a station stop for the inner city train stops) and work right by them too we have never needed a car to get anywhere.
Occasionally I think it might be good to learn..then I think of how much it would cost to keep a car (never mind the learning part) and I don't know how anyone does it?! Crazy expensive and not something we could afford especially as it isn't a necessity for us.

 Wilf getting tired..what a funny face

 we picked up these dungarees in a charity shop in Newcastle for £1, dungarees look so cute on babies don't you think?

Wilf has travelled by train a far bit and is always really chilled throughout (um apart from this horrendous journey when he was 12 weeks old..of which I got a £5 voucher for my troubles..). But put him in car? He will scream throughout unless I am sat next to him holding his hand. I think perhaps its that he cant get out like he can on a train, or sit on my lap, or even see me (if I'm sitting up front).
These are some picture of our journey back down from Durham. Wilf is still at an age where people stop to smile or chat to him on public transport (sometimes nice, sometimes more like 'please don't get too close to my child slightly mental looking person). Parents of older children when does that stop? I guess when they are in the terrible two's, having a tantrum and annoying everyone else in close proximity? I do remember occasions where I purposefully had a tizzy at train stations just to embarrass my parents..I know I am due the same as karma or something (my mum has told me one occasion she was so ready to just leave me and hop on a train to freedom).
The weather has been so lovely lately, we are hoping to visit the sea in West Bay near where Tom is from and we may be getting a lift down there so fingers crossed Wilf is happy enough with me in the back next to him..hopefully if we time it right he may sleep throughout..
Today Tom finishes work early and we are planning a early picnic dinner in the park, this kind of weather is just right for me, not too hot not too cold, but I am secretly looking forward to autumn too, its my favorite season. xo


Unknown said...

I love trains, they are such a relaxed way to travel!



Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aren't they just! We love them! x

kl to singapore said...

It's fun to travel. Road travelling is fun

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