What Mama Wore - Bosworth

Mama Wears:
Dress : Modcloth
Sandals : Swedish Hasbeens
Cardigan : Primark

Isn't this bus amazing? I wanted us all to jump in it and drive away on an adventure..(or Bosworth) apart from I just told you that y'know neither of us can drive. Tom finished work a little earlier yesterday so Wilf and I met him and went for an early dinner picnic. A lot of families had had the same idea and there were lots of new mums there also, it was funny to overhear conversations about their new babies and thinking 'been there!' I am starting to feel like an old timer, my baby really isn't that little anymore.
On that note I even started feeling a little out of place feeding him in public yesterday (in a tea room with babies around 8 weeks old or so). It doesn't help that he gets so distracted these days that I am constantly pulling my dress back together as he cranes to look at what is going on at the next table. Not uncomfortable enough for it to be an issue of course but enough to notice a shift in peoples looks, less 'aww cute baby' more 'how old is your baby?' kind of faces.

I love this dress so much, its the perfect length and although a little tight up top (thanks again breastfeeding for making me not quite fit it any of my clothes properly) it will fit perfectly one day. Its been a while since I have worn heels, I don't think I have worn any since before I was pregnant I'm sure. I was pleased to see I can still walk and in fact walk very comfortably in them, as Bristol is covered in hills I thought it could be an issue but glad to say it wasn't. I have to say shopping in a little deli in Clifton for our dinner in heels a sundress and oversized sunnies did make me feel a leetle stepford wives though!

Both the dress and sandals were bought from the Modcloth sale, stupidly though I bought some boots in completely the wrong size. Such as shame as they are beautiful but if anyone in a size 4 is interested then shoot me an email at frithastrickland at hotmail dot com, £25. I am still a bit gutted over that! Here they are:

so cute right??

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, my dad is visiting and I'm looking forward to spending time with him and Wilf (Tom is away at a wedding, well will miss him) in the sun. xo


Kyla said...

Oh my gosh that dress is AMAZING! The whole outfit is perfection. I love the bus too, what a great backdrop.

Nectarine Dreams said...

Beautiful outfit! God damm I wish I was a four those boots are adorable. I totally know what you mean about the breast feeding in public, Zion is like that now, he has always been big for his age too, I often wonder what people think when they see me feeding him haha.

Bec x

Unknown said...

I love your clogs! Such a cute outfit.

Just got a red pair from lotta, i love them so much I will prob get more colors.
bummer about the boots, but I have bigger feet too.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Kyla! xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Bec I know I'm so disappointed and I cant send them back as they were on sale :( but think someone is taking them off my hands now. Its funny isnt it, with big babies..Wilf is in 18 month clothes sometimes! (not that there is anything wrong with bf and 18 month old either) but I would imagine at that point its mostly morning and night feeds? x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@liv Clogs are so pretty aren't they! I want to build up a collection but maybe wait awhile until my next pair! x

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