Wilf at nine months

How quickly you are starting to become a little boy, you are still so small but getting so big all at the same time. 

Oh Wilf, I wonder if how soon I will be writing one of these posts and be calling you a toddler? Part of me hopes I while, I want to keep you as my little baby that much longer, but the other part is so proud of you. You are almost standing unaided with those chubby little thighs, you are an expert crawler and keeping your poor mummy on her toes with the speed of your curiosity. You are even learning how to get down from things properly (the whole climbing on the sofa and launching yourself off it head first was a little testing on my nerves). Now you are starting to see going backwards is a safer way to be..although you don't always remember that.

We started baby sign language classes and you have learnt the sign for 'all gone' how amazing that you can pick this up so quick. I often think you understand so much more of what I am talking about. You certainly understand humour, you remember what makes us laugh and are so pleased with our reactions. You scrunch up your shoulders and smile with your head to the side when you are feeling bashful or know that people are talking about you.
You love our cats and are even getting a bit better at the 'gently gently'..would Maddie agree? I'm not sure, poor thing. 

Your new favorite game is 'helping in the kitchen' 

Closely followed by, 'helping' with the washing/tidying/cooking..what a 'helpful' boy you are...

On the weekends your daddy and you get up, have breakfast and head off to the park, you are both back by nine sharing jokes and greet me in bed with a cup of tea. I cant help thinking how lucky I am to have these amazing boys in my life. How did I get so lucky??

You still resist sleep, life is FAR too excited for sleep right?? How long will these entries include this paragraph for? Not too much longer I hope? When you wake me at 6am with a kind tap tap on my face and a slobbery kiss on my chin, a laugh with delight as I open my eyes as if to say 'It's another day! Hurrah!' well how can I be annoyed?..plus I get to pass you over to your daddy for a little more snoozing..
Wilf you have been outside in this world for nine whole months, the same amount of time you were inside! Its gone by so fast, so much faster than pregnancy..and soon you will be one! Oh My!
You are a little super hero (with cape to prove it) we love you so much xoxo


cardboardcities said...

this is adorable, made me smile so much :)

Unknown said...

what a lovely ode to your sweet sweet boy :) x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Lovelies! x

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