Four Generations

On Tuesday Tom, Wilf and I went to visit my granny (Wilf's great granny) and my mum. Four generations under one roof, which was pretty special. 
It was a fairly long day fraught with train delays and cancellations which will prompt even more writing to train companies (seems like this is standard now after I travel cross country) but it was worth it. 
I don't visit my granny as much as I should and this is only the second time she has seen Wilf. As Wilf gets older things like making sure he naps during the day become more important and I was so thankful for Tom for taking Wilf into the connecting space and ensuring he slept for an hour of so each way. I know on the way back he got a few encouraging looks from older ladies when bringing back a sleeping boy in his arms. One lady even exclaimed 'what a good daddy!' sure he is, but don't let it go to his head OK?
Wilf is a bit of an experienced train traveller these days
My granny has Alzheimer's. My grandad (her late husband) also had a dementia type disease and sadly died of a few years back. I'm sure anyone who has any experience of the diseases like this knows how cruel they really are. That being said my granny seemed in really good form yesterday and I think enjoyed seeing Wilf. I feel a little sad that my grandad and grandparents on my dads side never got to meet my son but I suppose that is a fairly common scenario. I am just glad that I have this time with Wilf and my parents, part of wanting to have children (fairly) young was that I really want my parents to be part of his life. Of course these things can not always be planned and even saying that my mum who is quite young to be a grandma Ouma is suffering from bad health too... It means a lot to me to have these moments, even if they are not as often as I would like. Family are so important don't you think?
The above picture reminds me of this one taken of my mum and Wilf when was just two days old. 
and can we just spare a second to appreciate this amazing wall paper? thank you 


Unknown said...

I love all of these photos with that sweet adorable babe! Your blog is really lovely and I was wondering if you would maybe want to follow each other? Thanks for the comment on my blog : )



Renée said...

Thanks for the comment!! Love your blog and your baby is SO cute!

Mylittleacorns said...

lovely. She definitely reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! I hope your mama is ok xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww thank you, I think that too! And thanks for the well wishing for my mum xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@renee thank you :) x

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