On being a bit rubbish with buying presents..

It's my birthday at the end of next month, a few days later our anniversary and a few days after that Wilf's first birthday and then? Christmas! I bet you are feeling sorry for Tom right now as three out of those four involve presents for yours truly. Tom in all fairness is pretty amazing at buying presents, I remember when we first met (a week before my 23rd birthday and a few weeks off Christmas) I wasn't expecting any gifts off him and yet he surprised me with no less than eight (eight!) thoughtful and well picked out gifts purely on the snippets of information he had got off me in those few short weeks. He has continued to buy excellent gifts, partly because he is good at it and partly because I make no secret of exclaiming 'oh wow looks how pretty this is!' whenever I see something I like..which is like three times a day..at least.
I on the other hand am totally rubbish at present giving, it pains me and in the end I always think it probably wasn't the right thing. I bought Tom a vintage record player for his 30th birthday, which I thought was really clever of me, only it maybe isn't in the best condition and I probably paid a little too much on it also..especially being as I found a prettier cheaper one a few months later.

That being said, having worked at a boutique as a sales assistant for over a year I know there are plenty of loving boyfriend/partners who rock up on Christmas Eve or Valentines Day (eve..) at 4pm looking manically for a gift. These guys were kind of perfect customers if truth be told. I do recall one time a desperate looking boyfriend grabbing a rather plain jumper and holding it up against me trying to work out if I and his girlfriend were similar sizes and asking if I would like this for my birthday..

Apparently 40% of women were disappointed with their gifts last year. AskHerFriends is a website that has been set up to ensure people get gifts they really like. The website uses social media to 'rally together' people who know the individual best and turns them into his advisers. Basically he signs up, chooses from a range of gifts/experiences and other great gift ideas puts them on his 'advise list' which is then sent via email/Facebook to her friends who can rate and comment on the choices. Finding the perfect gift for her.

Fox Necklace by Tatty Devine
Recycled fire hose tote from Natural Collection
The website hosts unique products from cute boutiques such as Coulson Macleod, Tatty Devine and Milli Millu. 
A sister site 'AskHerFriends is also under construction for girlfriends like me..
This is a sponsored post but all words and thoughts are my own


Penny'sMamma said...

Joe is er.. 'thoughtful' with his gifts.

.. our first valentines day, I got a oven mit. ...

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

HA! oh dear, my dad got my mum an egg slicer for her birthday once...x

Penny'sMamma said...

haha, that sounds about right! .. I also once had a lovely plastic figurine of a Spanish couple dancing .. because i wore a red ball gown the night we met, except we didn't do any dancing, neither of us wore lots of gold jewellery and we certainly aren't Spanish. . Men! lol. Its the thought that counts...

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