Our Weekend In Pictures 6/10/2012

I'm sorry if that gif is hugely annoying, I've only just learnt how to do them and I'm a little addicted.
In a bid to become a little more ordered when writing these posts I decided to use the 'notes' app on my phone to jot down any thoughts I had when I was away from the laptop and to remind me to elaborate on them over here. So far this has resulted in a list that reads:

'Tom sings Wilf to sleep with JJ72's October Swimmers - did they intend it to be a lullaby? - screechy'
'Why must T dress Wilf like a potato man on a saturday morning, there are other baby grows'
'Super Hero name - Ianto Jones'
'Villeroy and Bosh'
'We still have chocolate in the house from last Christmas'

Frankly the above two don't really need elaborating on and I'm not sure what Villeroy and Bosh is referring too. Guess we are not huge on chocolate (weird I know)
Wilfryd's super hero name is Ianto Jones, his real name was almost Ianto and so it is now his alias, and somehow he developed a surname too. I'm not sure I should have put that on the Internet, as I will surely blow his cover. I hope I don't jeopardise any future crime fighting missions Ianto and Biscuit bear attend. 
I dont think the notes thing was a good idea.
Thanks for all your nice comments about me being a official 'stay at home mum' btw. I was a little worried about how it would come across. Its crazy how much guilt is thrown about about either being a 'stay and home mum' or 'working mum' when essentially I think 99% of mums are just trying to do the best they can for their kiddos with the resources they have. 

Most of these pictures (bar the third down) were taken of our Saturday (the nice lady in picture 2 and 8 is Wilf's Aunty Ruth). I think Wilf and Tom have bonded a great deal this week, not that they hadn't before of course but I think Tom would agree when I say there has certainly been a shift. Wilf went through a phase about a month ago when he would cry if he couldn't see me in the room. Essentially he got some kind of separation anxiety (although I hadn't even gone anywhere silly) and I think that must have been pretty tough on Tom. A few friends (with babies the same age) and I were discussing it and I think its probably got something to do with their new found mobility. I guess knowing you are this separate being that can zoom away and suddenly be apart from the person you have grown inside and been held by your whole little life must be a bit weird. Anyways I think its getting a bit better now, and I can happily leave the two of them playing for a good few hours, which is lovely for me! I think the other thing might be that naturally his want to nurse is cutting down, I have always fed on demand and he has just started 'demanding' a lot less. Although even demanding 'a lot less' is probably still a fair bit, I don't see him wanting to stop anytime soon which I'm thankful for as frankly I'm not ready either (then I would surely have to exercise or something to keep the cake weight off?).

I'm really starting to see big changes in his realisation that he is his own little person, its quite amazing. What a funny/eye opening/overwhelming/frustration/joyful thing this being a parent is hey?

BTW I have a big 'ol post coming up about his sleeping which is a positive one (hurah!) I think it will all be ok...
p.s I wrote this yesterday and to keep me on my toes me he only slept in 30min blocks and was up from 5.30am...


Erica said...

Wow, you had lots of beautiful sunshine to enjoy over the weekend. It was rainy here so I cuddled on the couch to craft and snuggle with my puppies. :)

fritha strickland said...

Erica that sounds equally as lovely! I love couch cuddles! x

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