We like it when daddy stays home

Tom has had the week off work. Originally we thought about spending some time away, we thought about seeing my family back in west wales or renting a place in Shropshire after visiting my granny. After thinking about it a little more though we realised what we actually wanted was just some time to chill out and do normal family things close to home. 
On Monday Tom accompanied us to Sing and Sign class, he joined in with the songs and signs with gusto (I secretly think he really enjoyed it!). Wilf is a really confident little boy and will crawl to each child in the room to say hi, I think Tom was proud of how outgoing and friendly he is. At the moment he is good with understanding that he shouldn't take toys from other children (although if they drop it for one second he is in there!) I'm aware that this may change anytime soon and that the time may come shortly where I will need to discipline any snatching etc. Wilf also loves coming right to front of the class and sitting in front of the teacher and copying her. He knows the sign for 'more' and 'all gone' but I'm not sure if he knows when he is supposed to use them.
On Wednesday Tom took Wilf out to a soft play with his sister and her son, which was brilliant as Tom got to spend some time with Wilf without me looking over his shoulder and catch up with his sister and me? I had a bath and got back into bed with a episode of Modern Family and a cup of tea..bliss.
Thursday involved breakfast at our community centre (which for the record is one of my favourite places) and then Wilf and I met our blogging friend Sarah and her cute son Stanley for the first time as well as Abi and Theo for cake and coffee. I can confirm Sarah is just as lovely in real life as she comes across on her blog and if possible Stanley is even cuter!
A lot of the week has been spent just doing 'round the house' kind of jobs, trips to IKEA, Tom working on the garden..there have been a few leisurely stops for drinks during nap time too
One of the best and most important (to me) things has been how much help Tom has given me in regards to sleep. We have routine of sorts which is working well (bath, stories, nurse) then Tom will rock Wilf to sleep by himself whilst I get dinner sorted or go have a cup of tea. I will delve a little further into this in a separate post soon as I have quite a bit to write on in and otherwise this post will become all higglety pigglety. Tom has also been taking over from me when Wilf wakes in the morning (anytime between 4.30-6.30) and will get him back to sleep whilst I go sleep in our bedroom (yes separate rooms, I will elaborate soon). This morning I got three hours of sleep in a row and it feels incredible, I'm only dreading Monday and Tom's return to work as I could get used to this set up *sigh*. This is how I find my family in the morning these days..
Today we off to meet our NCT friends at 'playgroup' (playgroup that involves Cava). Usually I love Fridays as it means a whole two days together as a family but I feel a little heavy hearted that there are only another two days left before Tom is back in the office. We really like him being around! 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend with your loved ones, hold them close xo
all pictures taken on my Iphone with the app Instagram (I'm tigerlillyquinn if you want to follow)


Anna said...

What's a wonderful photos:) We all are happy too when our father stay at home, we always keep calm and harmony that days:))

Kyla said...

Oh this is too sweet! I'm glad you've enjoyed the time with Tom at home!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks lovelies! Daddys are so important, I am going to feel his absence next week :( x

Penny'sMamma said...

Oh that picture of Tom & Wilf is super duper special. x

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