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I'm so glad I posted 'our weekend in pictures' last Saturday and didn't wait for our weekend to be over. I knew Sunday for Wilf and I would be pretty dull as Tom and his friend were starting work on the garden (we are completely re-doing it hurrah) and was planning a lazy day indoors.
Saturday night we put Wilf to bed as usual and our friend arrived in time for dinner, we sat around eating and chatting until I realised that a longer than usual amount of time had passed (I'm sure my body is set in 45minute cycles now). It had been two hours (!) since Wilf had gone to sleep, having not slept this long in a row since he was maybe three months old it was freaking me out a little so I went to check on him. He was sleeping soundly in his cot so I decided to get into bed myself and have an early night, Tom came up about 15 minutes later to see what I was up to and I said goodnight and turned off the monitor. Of course then Wilf woke up but I was happy to settle him before going to sleep, only he wouldn't settle. After an hour of a grizzly baby in my arms I started to get frustrated and asked Tom to come up stairs and help. I was holding him in my arms as I rather grumpily complained to Tom that I was too tired for this, when he was sick. Of course when Wilf was a newborn he would spit up after taking too much milk but up until this point he had never actually been properly sick.
It's amazing how you can go from feeling frustrated and tired to wide awake and only full of love and concern. As I held him in my arms, kissing his head and cuddling him as he was ill again and again, its a primal feeling, I made this little creature, he needs me and he will always be the most important thing to me.
Of course another weekend has past, and a whole week in between. Wilf has been pretty miserable and pretty poorly and its been tough. Tom got ill on Monday night too and he has been working hard since last Sunday and all through this weekend on redoing our garden (with the help of our landscaper friend). Sleeping situations are still awful, and worse (I didn't think possible!) at the beginning of the week he was sleeping in twenty minute cycles. Midweek I threw a Halloween dinner party (thank god for friends who take half days at work and come and help) and Wilf surprised us with blocks of an hour and an hour and a half through the evening which was fantastic. I said good bye to our friends at 11pm just in time for Wilf to wake..and stay awake until 1.30am! I have to admit to loosing it..big time..a melt down of a year long sleep deprivation of epic proportions, a hysterical me placing Wilf into Tom's arms and getting into bed to sleep for a glorious four hours whilst he took over in the other room. I think I probably scared the hell out of Tom as the next night he told me to sleep until 1am and then we switched shifts. It came just in time I guess as I am starting to feel the great tiredness and some of the great sadness of the first few hard weeks of Wilf's life. Sleep deprivation is no joke, its a real and scary thing.
Thankfully as it was half term both our signing class and kindergarten were cancelled so we laid low for most of the week, popping out here and there for coffee in the community centre or the local church cafe. I am thankful that I have such great community facilities close by, and such lovely people who run them.
Monday came around and although he seemed a little better he was on day ten of feeling poorly so off to the Doctors we went. We are lucky thatWilf hasn't had to see a doctor since he was 8 weeks old but I wanted to get him checked out just in case he was dehydrated. He was given the 'all fine just a little fed up of feeling rubbish' diagnosis and we are just waiting it out.
As he has a jippy tummy we are having to pass all our regular classes for fear of infecting anyone else ,which means we are both a little bored. I know when Wilf is feeling not himself as he actually stops for longer than a second and I even got given some good snuggles which since he has been mobile I have missed a little.
Anyways thats whats going on in poorly ville. Here's hoping we are back to tip top health soon!
p.s as usual things come in three's so my MacBook charger died and I lost my battery charger for my camera over a week ago now. I feel a little lost without both so its lucky we haven't been up to any thing particularly exciting. Here are a few pictures from my Instagram feed (I'm @tigerlillyquinn) of our life over the past week or so..

well it hasn't been all that bad :)


Anonymous said...

You poor thing. That sleep deprivation is a bugger and its so hard to have any perspective when the fuzziness takes over. Sounds like you've had a hard time of it sleep-wise so don't underestimate how amazingly you've coped. I think your blog is a fantastic little haven of happiness and creativity. To achieve that during a year of almost no sleep and while helping a little person through their first year in the world is quite something.
It will pass and you WILL get more sleep.
Hugs xxx

Lil said...

sleep deprivation is indeed no joke, they use it to torture people!!! Im only surprised you haven't had an epic meltdown before now, seriously hun you are coping brilliantly. Ive told you before Rach was a non sleeping baby in the end I stopped putting her to bed at all ( which I don't advise BTW lol) but you will work it out once Wilf is over this bug ( which is vile poor babbit Ive had it for three days now ) he will settle better for you. xxx

fritha strickland said...

Thanks ladies I really appreciate your kind words. @thelittlebean it really touched me what you said about my blog and not underestimating what I have acheived thank you x
@lil as always thank for your support and understanding! :) x

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