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SO for the longest time I wanted to check out Totally Rad (Redlab) , I had heard about it before and seen some of the photo effects it can produce so when I found out you could download a free trail I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try them for myself. Stupidly I downloaded it whilst Photoshop was still running which messed up the download process and even through a deleted the file and tried again numerous times my Mac somehow kept a sneaky part of the download hidden and therefore I was unable to re-install and try it out. Redlab for their part were really helpful and we emailed back and forth trying to figure out the problem. In the end without someone actually looking at my Mac (and considering they are based in America this was not an option) we both decided to call it quits.
So I guess I forgot about it, then my Mac broke, a fellow blogger offered up her husband (a computer wizard of sorts) to help and he kindly emailed me suggestions to get it running again. Sadly my Mac was deader than a dead thing, another friends husband (who lives round the corner) offered his help and after a couple of weeks and a new harddrive has brought it back to life. So thankful!
I forgot how much I missed photoshop and all my other Adobe programs and am excited all over again to photograph and edit. This lead me to the decision to just go ahead and buy it, it was going to happen eventually and I had saved myself a ton by not getting my Mac professionally repaired.
I'm really glad I did because it has made editing photos firstly really simple and secondly really fun! Before I bought it I thought it was a set of actions I was buying but actually its a lot like the way the filter effects work on Photoshop. The bit that was a pleasant surprise was that you can mix up the filters to create your own 'recipe' that you can go back to and use with a click of a button. This means the more you use it the better you will be at creating your own personal recipes.

For Black Friday (today) Totally Rad are giving a whopping 35% off everything in their shop. Just click here and enter code 'BLACKFRIDAY' at the checkout.
Totally rad are an affiliate of mine but I really really love their products! 

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