My birthday weekend 27!

Hey there! 
I've had a spontaneous blogging break, it was my birthday and then the weekend and now somehow its Tuesday. I hope you all had great weekends. 
The Internet is a funny place, sometimes (like when I get comments on my blog) I feel like its such a small and supportive community. I also love the friends I have made through Instagram and Twitter. I met and co created Tea and Crayons with five other brilliant illustrators through the power of the web. I have made good friends with whom I meet in 'real life' and who I wouldn't have ever come across otherwise. Funny enough it was through Twitter that I became better friends with my neighbours across the street! But occasionally you get a the other side of the Internet, the not so supportive kind and you remember a lot of this isn't real. Its a strange old place of make believe. Some good, some bad. 
I needed to step back and spend sometime with the real world, it just so conveniently happened at the same time as my birthday when friends were eager to spend time with me! 
My birthday morning was spent at baby chanting, a great way to ground you and dispel all those annoying little worries rushing round your head. Catching up with (what would seem like the whole of East Bristol) mamas I have met throughout the year in various situations as well as my good friends and their little ones. Once we had left and taken care of lunch and a nap we were out again to meet my NCT friends, the most supportive group of people who could ever wish to meet. A couple of bottles of wine were shared as our babies played amongst each other (luckily it is a baby friendly venue and one we have frequented pretty much twice a week for the past year!). Then home for Wilf's dinner, bath and bed. Tom's sisters were kind enough to babysit as Tom and I met some friends for a meal and home by 10.30. A great day.
the vintage dress Tom got me for my birthday 
On Saturday I persuaded Tom to take a trip to Cardiff with me, I wanted to show him Jacobs Antique market which is one of my favourite vintage spots. I also wanted to pop in to see my friends new shop Halcyon Daze. We didn't account for the Rugby being on, let alone Wales Vs Australia (silly silly us!) so of course buses were cancelled the entire city was packed and it took about an hour for us to find somewhere to eat (good old Wagamamas!). Unfortunately we didn't get to visit my friend but I had a lovely day all the same, bar some stressful moments. 
All in all it was a lovely chilled birthday weekend. I had spent both my 25th and 26th pregnant so it was nice not to be pregnant if nothing else! 
I have a great Christmas giveaway coming up tomorrow but don't forget my Lomography one is still running! 

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