Before I write this I guess I better 'fess up..I'm a big fan of Weleda. When Wilf was born his tiny baby bum was lathered with their nappy cream and when winter came and my hands got dry their 'Skin Food' hand cream came out, its a must. You will thank me for that tip ;)
So when Weleda sent me some more of their baby range to test plus some bits for me I was pretty excited. As I was going to stay with family in Aberystwyth these travel size products plus travel bag were perfect. 
This is what they sent:

Firstly (and this will sound corny) but the smell of these products are so amazing I genuinely had to double check the ingredients to make sure they were made from all natural ingredients (which they are).
The face creams have a great consistency and don't feel in any way heavy (even the night cream). I have funny kind of skin, that is both dry in some places (around my nose) and oily in others but the day cream really seemed to even out both of these areas and made my face feel really fresh.
I'm pretty rubbish and remembering to cleanse and tone and all the rest of it, I usually just wash my face with a facial scrub then moisturise. However when the feeling takes me or I decide I want to feel pampered I will use a cleaner and toner (although for a toner you can just use cold water!). Weleda's cleansing lotion makes your skin feel really..umm for a better word..cleansed! It has the same amazing fragrance of the moisturisers too. Which brings me on to the firming sirum, I've not really used a firming sirum before but I would use this after a few rough nights sleep with Wilf when my skin is not at its best, I would say you can certainly feel a difference. My favourite of these products if I were to pick just one is the night cream, which feels thick enough to really nourish my skin without it feeling too heavy in any way.

(they also sent some nappy cream but as we had it already I forgot to picture it) 

I've spoken about it before but when it comes to the products we use on Wilf's skin I am pretty funny about them being made from natural ingredients. Calendula is an amazing natural ingredient it can even be used as cleansing and de-toxifying herb when taken in a tea infusion.
Weleda sent me their Mini Calendula Baby Starter Kit which pretty much covers all bases. Their nappy cream (not pictured) is already a firm favourite in our household. Although it is rare for cloth nappied babies to get nappy rash the times when Wilf has been ill and had some has really helped sooth it.
I've used the calendula lotion after his bath and the smell again is great and not too over powering. The oil is great for baby massage which we try to do with Wilf every now and again and the face cream for when he has a cold and his skin can get dry around the nose and mouth area. Overall I would say the nappy cream and calendula lotion are good staples to have in the house with a baby around. 
The only problem with reviewing these items is that I now 'need' to go out and buy myself some of their night and day moisturisers! 


Helen - sittinginthekitchensink said...

I love the weleda baby products - the cream bath is a firm favourite and the baby face cream is good for those teething dry patches. Love the sound of the grown up range too - I'm a sucker for anything rose smelling.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

yes we are starting to use the face cream more and more with teething and winter! x

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