ups and downs

Life has been pretty hectic lately. I wish I had time to sit down and write though it all properly, the ups and the downs. For now I think I shall have to summarise it as follows

Wilf has cold after cold and then a sickness bug to boot
half hour to hourly wakes ups and starting the day at 4.45am
realising its only two weeks until Christmas and I have bought only one present!
how cold it has gotten and never dressing appropriately
having a sore throat that wont shift

my little boy has become so affectionate, hugs and big open mouth kisses all round (even to the unsuspecting boy at Steiner!)
making birthday cake with a friend for Wilf and his friend Aleah's joint party at kindergarten, half a bottle of wine later and two happy babies destroying my kitchen. It was a lot of fun
a boyfriend who takes over most of all the night shifts on a weekend
and brings me that all important cup of tea every morning
episodes of the American Office in bed with hot chocolate when the baby is asleep
getting time to craft and draw again (45 minutes in the day and as much energy as I have in the evening)
pulling raspberries and funny faces in the bathroom mirror with my baby, then chasing after him with his jarmers whilst he speeds away giggling
it is almost Wilf's first birthday party
and almost Christmas 

(just reading my giant book about the sea shore)
(always giggles with this guy)
As you can see in reflection life is pretty amazing and I have a lot to be thankful for!
What have been your ups and downs lately?? 
picture taken with the app Instagram, I'm @tigerlillyquinn if you want to follow along


Holly said...

aww fritha Wilf just gets cuter and cuter!

Jess said...

awww hes so cute !!!! love his jarmers.

downs - I had to have a minor op recently and its taking a while to heal which makes me not want to venture out in the cold xmas shopping ;)

ups - snuggling up by the fire and xmas tree with Al and little Freya who has been staying a lot recently as her mum and dad are mega busy in run up to xmas. crocheting her a penguin hat and making her her own xmas stocking !

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lil oh no! hope you are feeling better and getting lots of cuddles from Freya! xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww thanks Holly! xx

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